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    problem in forum login

    I have constantl problems with login at I many times (not always) can't login on the right sided form and also not on the left side. It says: "Welcome fantastico", I'm also listed in current visitors but am actually not logged in. Then I start a new thread, log in and that works...
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    Can't login in b2evolution

    I've installed b2evolution (with fantastico). It's now on URL=]my site[/URL] Now there when I want to go to Administration: "go to backoffice", login form appears, but don't accept my x10 username and pass. I don't have any b2evo username or pass. What should I do?
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    Links needed

    I appreciate I can have my site on x10hosting. For simple access to all important parts of your site I suggest these Links directly from x10hosting Home page: 1. Hosting plans Should show: like now + details of everything you offer in general (cPanel, PHP, Fantastico...(release...
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    Add not shown in Opera

    When I type URL of my site in I.E. there IS an add shown on my site, but when I type it in Opera it is not shown unless I add an /index.html on the end. Is that normal?