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    When you update your .css file is there a lag time to update?

    So I am doing some things to my .css file and I save the changes however when I go to view the website URL the .css file that is loading by the browser is not the updated version that was just saved? Is there a lag time between when I save changes and when they will appear in the production URL?
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    Is there an uninstall tool?

    I installed phpbb and don't want it now... Do I simply just delete the folder and drop the DB for it?
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    Does x10 have PEAR for PHP and if so can you install modules for it somehow? I've searched the wiki and couldn't find it so was just curious.
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    cron job

    Is it possible to setup a from job on the x10 servers? I have a news feed that needs called at a specific interval.
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    How do I turn on gzip for my website here? I have a feed that I DL info from but they throttle you if you dont use gzip... Thanks,
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    Hello everyone. I need gzip enabled do you know if it is enabled on this site and how to do that if its not? I've tested my url and it is saying it is not gzip enabled.
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    Are we able to use the LOAD DATA INFILE MySQL function?

    "LOAD DATA INFILE '$myFile'" . " INTO TABLE test FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','" I always get an error that says: "Could not load. Access denied for user 'eetoolsx'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" Do they prevent us from useing the LOAD DATA INFILE ?
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    Enable gzip (zlib.output_compression)

    Is there a way to access the php5 folder and edit the zlib.output_compression to be turned on and set the level? I need it to be turned on and set to level 6 as a site I pull data from requires it.