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  1. NewFuture

    Which Internet Security is Better?

    Mcafee or Norton, when deciding for my upgrade i have narrowed it to these two, which do you prefer and why? Thanx
  2. NewFuture

    Age of Empires 3

    I am suprised that know one has posted a thread on this its been out for a couple of weeks now, i have bought it but, has my parents have kidnapped it for christmas, is it a great game?
  3. NewFuture

    Upgrading Firewall & Anti-virus

    I'm currently, running Norton System Works 2004 and Norton Personal Firewall 2004, I am wanting to upgrade though I need advice, should I stick with Norton, upgrading the products and maybe trying the internet security option rather than system works and the seperate firewall? or go with mcafee...
  4. NewFuture

    Site Suspended

    My Site ahs been suspended why? I had adverts, and i logged into cpanel 2 days ago. Username: nwfuture Site:
  5. NewFuture

    moderators when youve answered plz close posts i have had a few awarnings from tyler, but what does he expect as witht he example above he has answered the question, y doesn the close it then, this would stop people posting another replys which you call spam
  6. NewFuture

    search website

    My site is an online games website and from my visitors i have been emailed many improvements, one is to get a search up and running so people can search my site for a game and when searched they can somehow play it and not have to look through all the categories, if someone...
  7. NewFuture

    need php help

    if you are good with php plz contact me through msn, or AIM: stuartdurham15 as i urgently need your help
  8. NewFuture

    site password has changed

    I tried loginning in and it wont accpet my password both on cpanel and ftp, username: nwfuture site:
  9. NewFuture

    [OFF]selling site design $

    Check out my site if you like the design i am willing to sell it for money, if intrested plz post here, contact me through msn or pm me. Offers will be accepted. The money gained will go towards a new design made by professionals Thnx...
  10. NewFuture

    logo needed- willing to pay

    See example (attachment) something similar to that, meaning the dice not the text i will add the text myself, if someone could make something similar or remove watermark without distortion that would be great, i do not want any text at all, just the dice, could someone save the file in psd and...
  11. NewFuture

    Site Suspeneded

    Why has my site been sus[pended i do have the ad code, in place?
  12. NewFuture

    stopping no right click on flash files

    Is there a code which you add to your flash .fla files which stops right clicking them and showing the properties ect? so it will stop right clicking so you cant use a program like save flash to save them.
  13. NewFuture

    Problem With Adobe Photo Shop Cs

    When i open alot of psd files i get a error 'could not complete your request it is not a valid text layer' why is this anyone no how to fix it?
  14. NewFuture

    I Cant See Clicksor Ads

    I have clicksor ads on my site but i am unable to see them, all i see is a 'contextual advertsing' link, though others see the actual ad banner. see screenshot (click link) this is what i see does anyone know why? have you had this...
  15. NewFuture

    logo needed- see example

    could someone design me a logo like the example below,
  16. NewFuture

    TO ADMIN: dipeshsilwal1 x10 account help

    i am posting on before of my friend dipeshsilwal1 he is having trouble using x10 forums, he cannot post new threads or reply, but only can read them, has he banned? a admin or mod, can you change his password also has he has forgotten it. pm him if neccesary
  17. NewFuture

    how to transfer SMF>>>IPB or Vbulletin transfering, fields, and members

    is it possible to transfer members, topics and threads from a smf forum, to a new one ( IPB or Vbulletin) so i could keep all my members and topics i have, this is for a friend who was on x10 but he has been banned: dipeshsilwal1
  18. NewFuture

    stopping directory thieves

    is there a way other than no indexes to stop thieves nicking your content, i have seen on sites that if you access a direcotry it gives you the lsit of all the files but when you right click, and try to save the file by clicking save target as, you recieve a error, how do you do this, is there a...
  19. NewFuture

    new site design -(for tranceoperator)

    Hey nick, i know this is probably really cheeky, and you probably wont but hey: i am wanting a totally, different layout for my site i have now,, but i do not have the time to start redesiging it myself, so if you a great web designer would like to re-design my site following...
  20. NewFuture

    finhsed harry potter and half blood prince for second time

    i no there are a few hp fans here, anyone else finihsed the book, if so what do you feel about ***** dying? (you will no who i mean)