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  1. Synkc

    Corey Got married!!

    Congrats Corey; hope you have a long happy marriage. :)
  2. Synkc

    Name servers

    The name servers you are using are correct. ;)
  3. Synkc

    suspended for high resource usage

    You can order the Development Package through this url: Some additional features include: No Ads No inactivity timers No account reviews Hosting on one of our business servers 99.99% uptime Daily Backups No un-needed PHP restrictions More...
  4. Synkc

    Getting "Error Retrieving Account Type From Backend"

    Your account was automatically terminated with the reason: 'Suspended for extended period of time, terminated automatically'. If you still wish to have an account with us, you will need to sign up for a new one.
  5. Synkc

    Best 5 MMORPG's

    Moved to Gamer's Lounge
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    Hey, welcome to the forums Auvee! :)
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    I'm new

    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!
  8. Synkc

    Holy Crap.. It's Neron!

    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!
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    Oh! Hi!

    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!
  10. Synkc

    Hello, world.

    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!
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    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!
  12. Synkc

    Account Suspended

    Your account does not seem to be suspended; your site is loading fine for me. Is this still an issue?
  13. Synkc

    Two Undelete-able Files Taking Up Disk Space

    ScottD's on vacation, so he may not be able to help you on this anymore; I'll bump this thread to the Level Two support forum. ;)
  14. Synkc

    stop suspended us....

    You account is not suspended. To avoid high resource usage suspesnisons, please either remove the script(s) from your account which are accumulating to your site's high resource usage, or optimize/modify them for suitable usage on our servers.
  15. Synkc

    Web Account Disapeared????

    What was the account's username? It's likely that the account was terminated due to inactivity. If this is the case, and if you still wish to have an account with us, you will need to sign up for a new one.
  16. Synkc

    what are the x10 name severs?

    The name servers are &
  17. Synkc

    database locked

    What is the name of the database you would like deleted? Bumped to Level Two support
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    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!
  19. Synkc

    Hi! I'm Odd!

    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting. Good luck with your site!
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    n00b alert

    Hey, welcome to x10Hosting!