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    If you haven't seen Android yet, you can test it on your computer using live-android. Download the .iso file and test it on some virtual machine like VMware or the free VirtualBox.
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    Design is great and your domain too. Nice work
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    Database problem on Chopin

    Seams that MySql is not working. My site was working for weeks and now suddenly shows: Error establishing database connection. I didn't touch wp-config of my Wordpress where the informations about database are stored.
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    Giving 500 points for link in signature

    Sorry, but I don't have more credits. :)
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    Thank you, I'm glad you like my site and thanks for being so fast in trading

    Thank you, I'm glad you like my site and thanks for being so fast in trading
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    Giving 500 points for link in signature

    Sorry for being late guys. I have sent you PMs with link information and sent you credits already. Expecting to see link soon. Regards
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    Giving 500 points for link in signature

    I'm giving 2 people from this forum 500 points for leaving my link in signature for one month. You need to have 200+ forum, for more details about link or anything else PM me. EDIT: Sorry for mistake I'm giving 400 credits for link
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    Link exchange with

    Sorry my site is down for 2-3 days when it's up again I will add your link, you need to add mine too.
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    plz review my website

    When I scroll down on your site and background image goes up, there is some gray gradient or something like that and it isn't looking smoothly. Maybe it's because of my laptop screen (it's not too good). So I suggest you to use something like on twitter, to use fixed background, try...
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    plz review my website

    Your theme is owsome, I can just suggest you to use this in your css div#wrapper_bg { background: transparent url(../images/style2/bg_abstract.jpg) no-repeat fixed; } It looks much better.
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    Link exchange with

    Your link is added.
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    Link exchange with

    Your link is added here. As you can see I'm not adding rel nofollow there, it would be cheating :) It's nice that you had PR4, I never did :(
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    Link exchange with

    Added your link, anyone else?
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    My twitter
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    Absolute server

    Guys come on, i said here a couple of times that x10 is the best free host on the planet. I still think the same, but this absolut server is killing me. The best solution for me would be to move to some other x10 server, but i beleive thats not possible. I understand that x10 has users that...
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    Absolute server

    I'm seriously thinking about moving to other host!!
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    Link exchange with

    I'm offering 2 types of link exchange with my blog It's blog about programming, web design, web development and seo. I only request that your site is legal, i will not add your if you have illegal content on your site or links to it, it doest need to be about same stuff like...
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    Is adsense a good thing for all sites

    It doesn't matter what service you use for earning money. Only sites with big traffic earn money, so if you have small site like all people here don't expect to earn lot of money. But you need to work hard and your earnings will grow.
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    Legal musik

    Yes, that would be leagal as long as you don't host music.
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    iPod Classic vs iPod Touch

    Ipod touch definitely, for music you don't need more than 10GB. You probably have about 100 song you listen frequently. If you buy ipod touch you will have enough storage for your music and also some cool features.