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    my site gone support please

    Hello x0 team for a time i was out of my city . For securty reson i del most of files . When i was my back i got an error on my site "" This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."" Please help me .
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    My sql

    whats is your SQL syntax?
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    Page builder

    Well i m pro but now days there are too much newbay so you should make a new bay account with a page builder with capbildy of editing php files
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    Post for tyler u also vote 4 me here

    Hello freinds please these is a message for tyler u also please tell me these is a good idea or not 2 add my searh engine in the cpanel of x10 so peaple can add it
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    Hi i m new

    Hi freinds :flowers: I m also new up here I m 15 m from india Love to do something Hate to be free (nothing 2 do) And what else i can say See ya all freinds:fear:
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    Free trafic

    Hi freind i m starting a new search engine if u wish i can add ur site here please send me ur link i have allredy 7 link for my search engine and my gole is of 1000 pages. Please leave the home page address thanks and ya if u dont bel me ask nforchange i add all 3 sites of him .
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    Ur host

    I knowx10hosting is the best on net but just wonder if x10 not present which will be your host?post a message and ya my will be 4free-network