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  1. DarkDragonLord

    I finally Won!

    After thousands of contests and thousands²¹²³¹³¹²³¹¹³ of names picked, finally my name was picked on something!! My name was never picked in any contest (not even those firsts that had like 15~30 minutes between next draws). Ok, sorry for that but i'm happy :O So, do you won any Contest...
  2. DarkDragonLord

    Paying 1k credits for a CSS

    Greetings everyone. Well. The thing is: I made an website and then, the layout coding and everything. BUT, the layout works in EVERY BROWSER, except Internet Explorer 6. Yes, even IE5.5 render it correctly. Weird? yeah, very. So, here is where you start! I want you to make another .css...
  3. DarkDragonLord

    Credits for Browser's PrintScreen

    Sup! I'm currently making a new layout for my website and i made it all tableless (just css to set it). It works great in Firefox3 Win. But unfortunally, in IE6 Win, it completely sucks. I want a screenshot of other browsers, paying 10c for each. But needs to be in a BIG resolution...
  4. DarkDragonLord

    OMG I laughed a LOT

    OMG, yay to ADs! I can't stop laughing... And what that have related to Web HOSTING? Now i know AdSense and similars does not work 100%. Nothing against gay guys, was just funny when i saw :P
  5. DarkDragonLord

    Selling a Professional Template

    Greetings people :D I just made a template and i'm thinking in selling it. Its just the Template with .PSD file. I can slice and code if you want but this WILL cost more. You can see it here. The price will start at $1 (1,750 x10 credits ). If you are...
  6. DarkDragonLord

    [GFX Shop] DDL's Design Corner

    Greetings everyone. Greetings everyone :D Well, i'm here just to show off my services. So, if you need a website for your Game, Company or just a Personal one, lets talk ;D Lets talk here, by PM or by e-mail [ ddl @ raphaelddl . com ] PRICING LIST: End of Post MY PORTFOLIO (Some have...
  7. DarkDragonLord

    Do you feel Unlucky?

    Sup people! Well, just want to know in this thread if you feel unlucky in anything nowdays... After 9 promos, lots of people's nicks picked... I was checking the people list. I never ever been picked.. Not even to say "omg i missed the time to pick"... While people like fedlerner...
  8. DarkDragonLord

    [Tutorial PHP] Switching Content / Including Pages

    Greetings! Welcome to my PHP Tutorial! Suggestions are welcome :D Here we will learn a way to include your pages in the same layout, in a easy way. I'll show all code then comment: <?php if ($_GET['ddl']) if (file_exists('./'.$_GET['ddl'].'.html')) @include($_GET['ddl'].'.html'); else...
  9. DarkDragonLord

    CSS ~ Problem with Browsers (as always, IE bug!)

    Hi guys! Well, im developing a new template to be available to download (asap! a.k.a. when i fix this) You can see it here: Well, if you open it on Firefox, everything is perfect. But if you open on IE6 (did not tested with IE7), the menu bar is fuked up...
  10. DarkDragonLord

    Review my website version 2! I've made some major changes in layout since all browsers (except firefox) was having issues with it. Now i made it checking both FFand IE6. Still have some minor issues with IE (transparent PNG's and else) but at least, i made a <!-- [if IE] so, where had to have semi...
  11. DarkDragonLord

    Bill Gates Retiring Parody

    A Bill Gates parody, after he retires from Microsoft. What will he do :D? watch and laugh lol
  12. DarkDragonLord

    Make DVDs with Subtitles [English Version]

    Tutorial originally posted by tonecas Translated for english by DarkDragonLord Necessary Program: The FilmMachine: (Download) h**p:// Extra Program: Cinema Craft Encoder (Download) h**p:// This extra program: Cinema...
  13. DarkDragonLord

    .htaccess MOD REWRITE

    Hello everyone! Well, i need urgent a mod rewrite rule to my .htaccess! So, instead of my link be: (Index using language English > Portfolio > Videos) i want to be something near this:
  14. DarkDragonLord

    Lets download the Internet :D

    Lol, while looking at w3schools website i've saw a internet joke that made me laught a lot :P (LOL) so, Customer: "I want to download the Internet. Do I need a bigger hard disk?" Download Internet Here its a gif with an ending so wait til it finishes :D
  15. DarkDragonLord

    My new website. [Give me ratings]

    Hi everyone! Well, i'm soon releasing my new website so i need you to tell ma about it,give me ratings, critiques, ideas, etc. Right now just layout and systems/codes working. I'll start adding content soon. It is multi-language support so you can change languages in thwe upper right menu. It...
  16. DarkDragonLord

    PHP tag appearing in the website

    Sup ^^ well, i used a require of a file and the ?> tag is appearing in my website O.o the code is <?php @include "./languages/setidioma.php"; ?> then, this last ?> that closes the php tags is appearing O.o what i should do O.o? This never happened before
  17. DarkDragonLord

    Parked Vs Addon Domains

    So guys, What is the difference between Parked Domain and Addon Domain? Which is better? Pros and Bads ? I've got a domain from defectalisman. The domain is already pointing to ns1.x10h and ns2.x10. Now at cpanel where i add it xD?
  18. DarkDragonLord

    [TUTORIAL] Multi-Language WebSites

    Greetings guys! Finally i could manage to find a great script that supports Multi-language websites WITHOUT databases :D As always, no english tutorial could help me and never worked. So i've searched in my home language and gotcha, i found :P Very nice for small / mid website but might be a...
  19. DarkDragonLord

    Multi-Language WebSite

    Hi guys well, i've found a really nice tutorial but i dont got the point of somethings Here is the tutorial: Could someone explain me it better? I have same questions of one of the users there: Could you manage the necessary scripts ...
  20. DarkDragonLord

    Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore PS2

    Hey guys :D Well, i just got this DoA2 Hardcore and i would like to know if anyone more have / had / played it. I liked the movements, the graphics but weirdly, it has no story at all, no ending, no intro CG or anything !!! (not even the intro CG i saw in youtube O.o) Anyone know which...