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  1. Murphy65

    Graphics and Tutorials

    Nice site thx for sharing!
  2. Murphy65

    Puneta coloras

    Buenas costas!
  3. Murphy65

    Please review my site as well...

    If may ask what that page present?
  4. Murphy65

    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    I i´use that to ist good but now i use morzilla fire ftp!
  5. Murphy65

    Gay marriage

    So are that guy in the up clouds wish that or not, for my options i dont agree that because it stupidity and not logical. Meaby its comes in that in earth is so meany peoples and none know what we created for God! I look in poll and i seen there theys numbers For 19 65.52% Against 10...
  6. Murphy65

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Re: Which Os do u prefer Windows Xp is my favorite at that day when that realiced, I hawe used that 5 years when i buy win 7 license, What i say other post its Ould School Windows And its stay peapoles heards forevers! Thumbs Up to Win XP if i look that windows vista its trash first moment...
  7. Murphy65

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Its good if you hawe safe compuet and i use Norhon Internet Securety its a just good its hold you computer safe and clean, i buy one year license and i dont hawe no problems with that everything is cool. So if someone plan to buy some license for own computer safely i recomened to buy Northon...
  8. Murphy65

    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username: Murphy65 Real Name: Muray Grouls Age: 19 Location: Wonderlan Xbox Live: Murphy65 PSN: N/A Steam: Murphy65 XFire:N/A Games:Cod Series, MW 2, Dirt 3, Dirt 2, GTA IV, San Andreas and lot off more!
  9. Murphy65

    some facts about earth

    I love History and Nat Gea and Discovery CH! Canot wait when i can watch new series of The Universe, How The Earth Was Made, Underwater Universe, And i am big fan of Dr Kaku Bloopers he shows is so cools!:eek:
  10. Murphy65

    Your Deskotop!

    Windows xp is old school windows it say in everyone heards forever, if must say what is in microsoft best windows all time i say its "! So i love that although i hawe t moment seven :PMicrosoft Windows XP"
  11. Murphy65


    Tnx all!:tongue::redface:
  12. Murphy65

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to x10, Enjoy you stay!:tongue::redface:
  13. Murphy65

    Hello Hello Hello!

    Welcome to x10, Enjoy you stay!:tongue::redface: I am fine! btf :D
  14. Murphy65

    Hey Everyone !

    Welcome to x10, Enjoy you stay!:tongue::redface:
  15. Murphy65

    Hello I am Zahid

    Welcome to x10, Enjoy you stay!:tongue::redface:
  16. Murphy65

    Forum Name Change Update

    I mean that, are you must hawe at least ex 100 points or credits to change name!
  17. Murphy65

    What do you value most in a site's design?

    Good ideal for first work!:redface:
  18. Murphy65

    visit my site and advice me

    If i visit your site it say "Your Hosting Account is Suspended" Seems it has Suspended!
  19. Murphy65

    My very first website.... what you all think?

    if you made that yourself is that good ! Dont hawe nothing bad to say! Thumbs up
  20. Murphy65

    More PHP tutorials

    Very useful and tnx very mutch god to know