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    That does seem like a problem. Okay, thanks for your reply! :)
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    I know where the ad-codes are, but I want to sign up for ad-enhanced hosting. Right now, I'm on ad-free because I couldn't find an option in the sign-up that allows me to sign up for ad-enhanced.
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    I have just signed up for a hosting account. Is the ad-enhanced option still available, or is there just ad-free?
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    !!!***Read this if you have missing files!!!***!!!

    Can't you also see what server you're on by going to your account panel and looking at your cPanel link? It's http://[server], isn't it (i.e.
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    Is Safari better then all other browsers?

    I have a Mac, and I use Safari all the time! I've tried Firefox, Opera, Camino, and Flock, but Safari has always worked out the best for me. Even if it does have some CSS bugs, I never seem to notice them. I don't care what the code looks like if the Web site looks the same and loads fast.
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    x10Hosting's Servers are on Windows?

    Okay, thank you for clearing that up. I always thought that Microsoft made ASP.NET Windows-only.
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    Yes, but you have done [insert person you're helping here] a lot! I'd rather not think about life-and-death situations right now. I'm going through very emotionally tough times right now with school, people, and myself in general.
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    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    Is there any reason that everybody with a high post count is giving a bad review, while all "new users" are giving good, single-lined ones? :-P
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    x10Hosting's Servers are on Windows?

    Hmm, I thought you could use ASP.NET here...
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    x10Hosting's Servers are on Windows?

    I just found out that x10Hosting's servers are running Windows! I always thought they were running Linux for some reason. Did you guys know they were running Windows?
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    How old your current computer?

    I share a Mac Mini with my little brother. It's about a year old. I'd really like to have my own computer, but my old one was made before I was even born (it was my dad's employee's old one)! It didn't even have an Airport card installed. :-P
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    Someone stole my bike

    Ha, I wouldn't mind getting my bike stolen. It's a Kent Shogun. F.Y.I., Kent bikes suck! Maybe if it got stolen, my parents would buy me a decent one.
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    A little gift for x10Hosting community...

    That's exactly like the one on the home page!
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    taking over!

    Looking at your post-count, it looks like the account is fairly new. Did you create the hosting account, or are you taking it over? You're not allowed to trade/share hosting accounts.
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    New Site Builder

    Maybe you should make a plan called something like "Beginner" where instead of taking them straight to cPanel, it just gives them SiteReptile. This would help people who want a service like Webs.
  16. M Alternatives?

    Are those all? I've heard of Da.Ru, but I don't know how to get DNS compatibility with it.
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    I was actually looking for something that was free for life, and didn't need any credit cards, phone #s, or other personal information. Does anyone have anything like that?
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    I need a free domain name service with free DNS, but I'm only 13. So isn't an option for me. Are there any other free domain services with a free DNS? I don't want one like .TK or, I need one with a free DNS. Thanks!
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    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    I've always been a WYSIWYG fan. Yes, I know XHTML. Yes, I know CSS. But just like you guys said, hand-coding is time consuming. There are some jobs that just require you to do some coding. I have used older versions of Dreamweaver, including the version right before Adobe bought Macromedia...
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    Well, Safari crashed on me when it was almost done downloading :drool:. I was using the old version that comes originally on Tiger, though. Oh well, now I'm back on Camino