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  1. petronaldgreen19

    Changed Free Hosting to Illuminated - Whats now???

    x10hosting.ccom/portal login if you need to. to the right of "package" you should see Illuminated or something Similiar
  2. petronaldgreen19

    You are all idiots! Go to the status page!!!

    I'm sorry did you not learn to read? I was planning on 'putting up' and I currently do have the Prime Upgrade so i'm not a complete freeloader. And sir if it really doesn't bother you its simply because your site doesn't get enough traffic for it to matter
  3. petronaldgreen19

    You are all idiots! Go to the status page!!!

    While i agree with you, I'm happy the users are keeping the pressure on... this streak was really not ok, its pretty much been on and off for over 24 hours now. The launching of my site ended up being a fiasco because of it god Knows what my users think of me. I am barely able to look at my...
  4. petronaldgreen19

    Does x10 Premium Offer wildcard subdomains?

    I beleive i need that Feature for my wordpress MU installation to support the format instead of So, anyone know if it is enabled?
  5. petronaldgreen19

    Questions about Upgrading

    Thanks, I assume then both Prime and Illuminated have the same amount of clock time (wd be so awesome if illuminated had double the clock time of Prime >< so 4s total CPU time per hour). To the second part of my question do either Illuminated or Premium have wildcard subdomains enabled? (aware...
  6. petronaldgreen19

    Questions about Upgrading

    I am aware with the new policy change, free users were given a maximum of one CPU second per hour. I recently got the Prime membership, does that increase the quota? Also does the illuminated Upgrade increase said quota? And does premium have any quota at all? I am also curious as to since...
  7. petronaldgreen19

    Opinions and Suggestions Please

    @glennemlee95 i took your suggestion and switched to the custom community theme.. and after settin it up.. im in love.. thanks much man, also put up cloudflare so its taking care of the minifying of the css, java and html. thanks so muuch for all you alls help. I am always open to more...
  8. petronaldgreen19

    Opinions and Suggestions Please

    Thanks for all the feedback, @techairlines finally figured out how to edit the footer without the page turning into @glennemlee95 i downloaded the custom community theme and trying it in a sandbox, will tell you how it progresses. Also will work on the minifying of my css files today...
  9. petronaldgreen19

    Is this good ?

    looks good but... its a bit confusing, and as said above, difficult to know what the page is for, or the intent of the site.
  10. petronaldgreen19

    Opinions and Suggestions Please please tell me if its any good and what i need to improve. Also someone told me i need a bit more colour, do u believe so?
  11. petronaldgreen19

    Please make suggestions on how i could improve my site

    personally i think its great, the one thing though is the header.. its a bit too plain (currently plain white) will check up on it again soon to see if u decide to change it.. cheers >< and good job :wink: