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  1. davdaddy

    forwarded domain no longer working?

    Ah, okay. That would explain it. Good thing I didn't use that domain for my site like I thought about! Trying to sweet talk someone from the Mali government into giving me my domain back doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. I think I remember hearing about Facebook going after Freenom...
  2. davdaddy

    forwarded domain no longer working?

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I've had a freebie domain that I use to forward to my main domain and a couple of weeks ago it just upped and quit working? I'm not sure that it was exactly at the same time when I upgraded my account to the $12 yearly deal but if not, it was really close...
  3. davdaddy

    I got this error when trying to upgrade my plan to the $12 a year deal

    I tried to upgrade my free account to the $12yr deal and I got the following error page? Any idea what may be wrong?
  4. davdaddy

    Is x14 down?

    Hello my site just went offline and when I tried to log into the hosting control panel, I got this message: Message "Failed to create login token: Login failed. Please refresh the page and try again. If this account was just created, it may take several minutes to become available." I think I...
  5. davdaddy

    Just wanted to take a sec to say thank you to you guys, sincerely.

    I can honestly say, that before the last few weeks I never really appreciated how great of a hosting company you guys run here. I've been trying to find another free host to host a blog idea I've had kicking around for a while. Let me tell you every other free host out there makes everything a...
  6. davdaddy

    Upgraded free account?

    I've seen that. While it is a really good deal it's a lot more than I have a use for with a site that admittedly is dedicated to serving a small niche (iRacing NASCAR) inside of a hobby that isn't widely popular to begin with (Sim Racing). I doubt I'll see triple digit visitors in a month even...
  7. davdaddy

    Upgraded free account?

    Maybe I'm crazy but I could swear there used to be an option where you paid like a dollar a month and it basically removed the monthly login requirement? I think maybe you had to pay $60 for 5 years or something? If memory serves me it was kind of buried in a sub-menu somewhere or another...
  8. davdaddy

    Just got an inactivity warning for my "prime" account?

    I'm pretty sure the deal I signed up for was $60 for 60 months of Prime? I can double check to make sure but I'm fairly certain that was it.
  9. davdaddy

    Just got an inactivity warning for my "prime" account?

    Hello, I was wondering why I just got an email saying I needed to log in to my prime account monthly or be deactivated?
  10. davdaddy

    The Demo for PrestaShop in softaculous is broken.

    Like the title says. I just thought I'd let someone know.
  11. davdaddy

    When I try to access my blog I get an error?

    The error reads: "Error establishing a database connection" on a white background. My is at the blog is Also I am a prime member but I don't seem to be able to submit a support ticket? When I click get support at the top of the page it asks me to upgrade? There...
  12. davdaddy

    My homepage won't load from my domian.

    I followed the instructions provided by Exstress and the problem has been corrected. Thank you all.
  13. davdaddy

    My homepage won't load from my domian.

    That's odd I flushed DNS & cleared browser data already (plus tried another browser all together). I didn't reboot in between however, so I'll give that a go. Also I've found that if I type in /index.html after the domain name my home page loads, if I do not then I get the error page?
  14. davdaddy

    Default Website Page Problem

    I'm having the exact same issue as mokscla2. Also I believe they said that absolut was finished with the move. I posted in the support thread with a screenshot as well. thank you, David
  15. davdaddy

    My homepage won't load from my domian.

    Ever since the server move I have been unable to reach my site by my normal domain if I use the one provided by x10 it loads fine? Here is a screen shot of what I get when I try to use my usual domain: Thanks in advance, David
  16. davdaddy

    HTTP Error & 503 Service Unavailable (On wordpress).

    My condolences, frankly this can wait tend to your family.
  17. davdaddy

    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    Been having this issue as well, gunna try the .htaccess workaround. I'll post back if it works for me. *update: No dice with .htaccess
  18. davdaddy

    Server /tmp full

    I'm still getting this error on my site. Here is a cut & paste from my server status page: Swap Used100 % Disk /dev/sda3 (/)96 % Disk /usr/tmpDSK (/tmp)17 % Disk /dev/sda1 (/boot)82 % Disk /dev/sdb (/home)93 % Disk /tmp (/var/tmp)17 % Disk /home/davdaddy (/home/davdaddy)93 %
  19. davdaddy

    My site just went off line!

    You are right it's back now. I can quit having a heart attack I guess... :oops: Thanks you guys are the best as always!!
  20. davdaddy

    My site just went off line!

    I was adding a wordpress plugin I activated it and now when I try to go to my domain I get the x10hosting 403 "Website Coming Soon" page? If I try to go to any other page on my site all I get is a blank white page. I can login to cpanel & everything seems fine there? I'm at a...