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    [OFF] Banner Impressions

    If you want to add your banner to my banner management. Here are the plan. Free Plan Need to put the banner code on ur site. Plan 1 70 posts point to me or $ 3.00 US Money, your banner will be up for 1 month, dont need to put ads code on ur site. Plan 2 120 posts point to me or $...
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    Any one interest in helping me

    Does anyone interest in helping me create a clan league website. I wants to create a website for all the clan out there and all the game out there to play against each other. Clan League and Ladder. People that i interest at replying to this post are Clan Members or leader in games. You can...
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    Just Wondering

    I just wondering what server are you guy moving people to? I want to know if i move to the other server you guy saying or i stay on the same server. I know that my server didnt change.
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    Unlimited Megabytes

    Just to let your guy know that my account is on Unlimited Megabytes. It happen today. URL: and also why is my account say i only use 0.05 Megabytes. I think i use more than 0.05 Megabytes with my account.
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    Password Reset Please

    I need a new password to enter the cPanel URL: Username: p1starmy
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    What is this?

    When i try to log in to my control panel, this show up does anyone know what it is? Sorry for the inconvience! The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operation has been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from...
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    A Question

    Does anyone know how your site can be search on those search engine, such as google and yahoo?
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    Question about ads

    Am I allow to put more than one ads in my site. Can I put my own ads and x10hosting ads on the same site.
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    Am i allow to add files to my download categories

    Am i allow to add files to my download categories? I mean files that are legal to download. I want to add some php nuke files to my site so people can also download it from my site.
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    Account suspended

    cPanel Username: p1starmy Subdomain: X10 Package: corporate How long your account has been up: 20days i think Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes I know what i did to get my account suspended. I only want to test those scipts. How long does it...
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    My site not working

    my site suddenly not working today, I dont know why. Can someone tell me why it didnt work. Is the admin ban my site?
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    My Free Host

    i have apply for the free hosting but how can i get the free hosting with mysql database. Can someone help, please.