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  1. estevao

    As a side note, the site is in portuguese, but I would really love some design feedback (the content evaluation isn't really needed ^^)
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    SEF on Joomla and the .htaccess

    ???????? this is a tutorial mate, not a question O_o
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    What do you think?

    I've have nothing to say apart from great. Site looks simply great, very professional, functional and clean. Colour scheme is very good. Same goes for icon selection. 9 out of 10.
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    Shooters Zone

    is this site hosted here?
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    New Artists Site

    Indeed. For an artist portfolio i think it looks very good. These are some of the best online portfolio websites I've seen: .: .: hope it helps!
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    New Technology Website(Rate please)

    ah! Good job on the website. I always like joomla websites ^^. I rate it 7 out of 10. Anyways, here's some useful tips that might help you. Hope you don't mind... .: you should put a note to the template used out of courtesy to the designers. .: instead of using category listing in...
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    Please review ! : )

    The overall design is good. Clean and with good efficiency. I like both your logos, they seem very professional. Ads are kept to the left, boxed, they jump to your attention but not too much that keep your eyes off the webpage itself. I would like to make some suggestions though, if you don't...
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    hey guys. This is my second website. I've put some effort on it, since i suck on design, but I think it turned out pretty decent. The template was done by me, although I used the the default joomla template and 123wd template as basis. The tools I used were...
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    My Websites: --------------------------------------------------- .: ...

    My Websites: --------------------------------------------------- .: .: ---------------------------------------------------
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    SEF on Joomla and the .htaccess

    Hello peeps, Recently i had some issues with Joomla SEF when I was realocated from one server to another. So I thought of posting how I fixed it in order to help other people who had problems with it. 1) Under administration panel>Global Configuration>Site you should see SEO Settings in the...
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    Language and copyrighted material

    That's great, thanks a million! =D
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    Language and copyrighted material

    I've been using x10hosting paid service for almost an year now and I'm very satisfied with the product. Both the staff and community are incredible, and helped me a lot. Having finished my last project, I'm currently in charge of creating a small joomla/WP website to the 1º year Vet students...
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    Please review my site

    Well, I understand youused DreamWeaver to build the webpage, is that right? To change the space or remove the shadow you should edit the template.dwt file. I haven't looked in the CSS file myself, but it should be easy. Regarding the submit form original...
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    Get paid $1,650

    ... dude seriously
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    Please review my site

    hey About your page, hope you don't mind my criticism. Layout(8/10): .: Simple, with straight lines .: The color scheme is well chosen, simple and clean. .: I think it makes sense on a engeneering school website. Menu(10/10): .: Same as above. Integrates well in the overall page. ...
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    Review my website

    Thanks for your review. As I said, the layout "smells" like joomla all the way =P. I don't personally like it, but it's very functional and user friendly. I don't have any control over the evony official forums but I agree with you. Although I like the color scheme. Thanks for you review. I...
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    Review my website

    EDIT: Sorry... I misspelled my own website... bleh.
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    Review my website

    It was not loading due to x10hosting was updating my plan. It's working now. EDIT: Sorry... I misspelled my own website... bleh.
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    Review my website

    Hi guys. This is our website The layout is pretty crappy, I know, but I'm no webdesigner, and I choose simplicity, functionaluty and SEO over beauty (although if you can have all that's a must! :biggrin:) all criticism is welcome best regards
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    Review My site:

    ah! Congratz on your site. Did you guys built your site from scratch? Or used a CMS? I like the design. Best regards