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  1. Leon1

    Question about the clearance of the warning from x10 staffs

    I have 3 warnings from x10 staffs for nothing important reason, but it has been there under my avatar for couple months already, i wonder will it be taken off under my avatar or it will be there forever, can you plaese tell me
  2. Leon1

    The Server is down?

    Hi My site is down, does any one have the same problem or it's just me, for a couple days, i noticed the server has been running too slow that may be take about 5 minutes to load, so i wonder this down time is convenient to fix the slow issue or it's just a regular down time like it used to...
  3. Leon1

    Wonder did some one delete my post?

    i have just post a thread about another hosting service, but now i don't see it, did some one delete it, and if yes, please tell me why ?
  4. Leon1

    vBulletin skins collection

    alot of beautiful skins to download, check it out guys
  5. Leon1

    Free php scripts

    I have found alot of good php scripts in this site though, check it out guys:
  6. Leon1

    Need help install ecard system

    I have recently downloaded a php ecard system call gcards: -and i want to install it for my phpbb forum, but i have no idea how to install it, i read the instruction for installation but it is not enough for a noob like me, if any one have been...
  7. Leon1

    Is it down Time ..?

    is the server gone away, or it's just a problem with my site, i really can not accesss my site anymore. can neone check for what happen? who is incharge??? blah blah blah :roflwerd: :wtcslap:
  8. Leon1

    Problem loging in cpanel, please help

    when i try to log in cpanel, i can't but got the message: Unactivated License File please help :getlost:
  9. Leon1

    Free domain

    i just got a free domain from and my new domain is i wonder if i can exchange this domain with my currently domain from this host?
  10. Leon1

    I always thought my account is suspended

    Any time when the server is down, i always thought my account is suspended for some reason, eventhough i have followed all the rules from host, do guys feel the same way as i do too..?:blink: :ermm:
  11. Leon1

    What is happening?

    it seems like the server is down ...or something might happen to my site, but unfortunately i can not connect to my site anymore, can you please check it for me Tyler, thank you so much in advance. my site is :