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  1. Evan1

    Lotus Server Down

    Haven't been able to visit site, login to c-panel, or check e-mail for past 5 days on lotus.
  2. Evan1

    Anyone who is on the Lotus server read this!

    Haha. I think that its kind of ironic that as soon as I got unsuspended for high usage, the server goes down. lol. oh well. Soon it will be back
  3. Evan1

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    banned for linking to this thread. For shame!
  4. Evan1

    Suspension for high-usage?

    I just got unsuspended as well. Now I think the server is down again. Oh well. Everything should be back to normal soon
  5. Evan1

    Suspension for high-usage?

    I got my last two high usage suspensions in about half an hour. I didn't do a lot really either. Using Wordpress, I posted a new entry and upgraded a file. It's unfortunate that the three strike rule has been implemented right now. I don't have any problem implementing it in the future, when...
  6. Evan1

    Unofficial "Fatal Error" Panel Thread

    I just was able to get in. Both the panel and my website. Edit: I retract my previous statement. I got kicked out again
  7. Evan1

    Unofficial "Fatal Error" Panel Thread

    According to the Server Status page ( Cossacks is still a sever
  8. Evan1

    Help Installing Wordpress

    Do you have Fantastico De Luxe? If so, click on it and their should be a Wordpress link in the left column menu under blogs. You can have Fantastico automatically install it and set up the SQL databse
  9. Evan1

    Unofficial "Fatal Error" Panel Thread

    Let's try to consolidate all of the panel log in problems to one thread. I'm affected on Lotus. Are there other servers affected as well?
  10. Evan1

    Cant access control panel and account panel has error...

    Same problem. I can't log into my panel. I am getting the same error as dkaisla described above Username: evan1 Account:
  11. Evan1

    Weird suspension error

    Same deal. I've been suspended twice now, haven't been on much either, and when I sign into the panel to request an unsuspension, it says: A fatal error has occurred processing your request, please try again momentarily. The error code provided is: Unknown Tried this a few times now
  12. Evan1

    Is it still the same prob as blank cpanel

    cPanel has been down for two days now and mySQL has been really trippy. I'm running Wordpress right now and only some of the database is down (statistics tables and post category tables). I'm also not able to upload pictures or upgrade to a new version. I hope everything comes back on soon...
  13. Evan1

    E-mail Problems

    Anyone know what's going on?
  14. Evan1

    E-mail Problems

    I get this when I try to log in: "An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system."
  15. Evan1

    E-mail Problems

    I'm having problems with my e-mail on Absolute -Roundcube doesn't load at all -In Hoarde, I'm getting "IMAP connection broken" -Squirrel mail is telling me " Connection dropped by IMAP server" Any thoughts?
  16. Evan1


    They are working now. Thank you very much.
  17. Evan1

    E-mail problems

    cPanel name: evan Domain: I'm trying to set up my E-mail account in either Yahoo (as an extra mail account) or in Outlook 2007. In yahoo, after entering all the correct information, it tels me: Invalid mail server,, specified. Same thing with...
  18. Evan1


    Thank you very much. I appreciate it
  19. Evan1


    I haven't had any information in AWstats in a little while. Since Feb. to be exact. cPanel Name: evan Thank you.
  20. Evan1

    Mail Server Problems

    Thank's for trying. I really appreciate it.