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    what game should i buy for the xbox 360 and why?

    incorrect GTA's are WAY too repetative, dont get me wrong, i spent enough hours completing GTA 2, 3, vice city and 4, but I only bought 4 cause it was £10 off ebay. they pretty much bore me now :(
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    very impressive! maybe add some content on the home page? even just something simple like "click 'begin' to load content" or something? as its just currently blank
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    review my site at tnx

    nice, really like. my only question is what resolution did you design this in? i appreciate that the majority of users use 1024x768 but the growing number of users going up to higher and higher resolutions, your site looks tiny on my screen :P
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    i like the look of it, but its just a forum page? dont get me wrong obviously forums are fantastic for sharing information and such. but shouldnt you have a website with content on it to then warrant having a forum to discuss it on? i dont want to sound a douche but i get annoyed at signing...
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    I missed Counter Strikes a lot!!!!!

    have you tried Honors of Newerth? thats a pretty good game, pretty muched cloned DOTA lol, good fun tho.
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    New Gaming Rig

    The only things I would possibley reconsider for this rig is the need for a Solid State hard drive. Personally I think they are "over kill" and not generally needed for the average computing needs. Also, I'd probably go with a smaller watt power supply too. Unless you intend to SLI your GFX...
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    Hello? -------------------

    i dont know about anyone else, but I am struggling to understand your question. by "play" do you mean "install"? and what is meant by "space"?
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    I missed Counter Strikes a lot!!!!!

    i still play CSS ^_^
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    +1 :)
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    My Account?

    good evening all, it appears my hosting account has been removed from my x10 account. can this please be looked in to as its not due to inactivity and i'm not aware of violating any T&Cs? Thanks guys. Chris.
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    Assassin Creed II

    yeah, they did release it :-P
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    Review Free online Games site

    personally, i hate websites written in comic sans :-P i would start there lol but thats just me :)
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    Hi all, well, I've registered, and i thought it was wingerz, but now i cant remember if it's; wingers/wingerz or wongers. what a confusing state of affairs, let me dig around my e-mails and i'll try and find the original registration e-mail lol. sorry for being so unhelpful
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    Good evening all, it appears my account has been locked for my free webhosting and the reason has not been specified. upon attempting to log in i am presented with the message: The forum account you are logging into does not have an existing link to an x10Hosting hosting account. There...