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  1. fangix

    Please remove this account !

    Hi, I'm sorry ! The cPanel and website cannot be accessed for a long time, i only sign up another account. Please remove this account, include any settings or information in cPanel/forum/server ... Thank you ! Hosting/Forum Username: fangix Hosting Server: Stoli If you need other...
  2. fangix

    cPanel and website cannot be accessed

    carl6969,i still cannot access the cPanel and website. Please give some help !
  3. fangix

    cPanel and website cannot be accessed

    Thank you for your replying. I update my password successfully, but my cPanel and website still cannot be accessed. Is anything else i should do ? :frown::frown:
  4. fangix

    cPanel and website cannot be accessed

    Hello, My website and the cPanel cannot be accessed for many days, my username is fangix. Can you help me fix this problem ! Thank you so much ! fangix ---------- Post added at 05:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:03 AM ---------- If you need other detail information...
  5. fangix

    Free WordPress Theme By Mido_1989

    Thank you for sharing.
  6. fangix

    Is the server down? too! Sometimes, i can not access my site ! :confused::confused::confused:
  7. fangix

    how do i unsuspend my acct?

    That is right !
  8. fangix

    Easyly make blog and earn money

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  9. fangix

    Free hosting suspended?

    Login your account in x10hosting, then check your "email history". There maybe some information you needed.
  10. fangix

    Slow WordPress Site!

    Indeed, i'm from china. I cost almost 1 minute to open your site. !!!!
  11. fangix

    Website has disapeared

    I think some FTP knowledge is first and better for you now.