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  1. w4k3upn0w

    Is it me? Or does pcriot server go down more than it is up?

    I have a site on pcriot This is part of the free plan from x10hosting but the site is down more than I would like it to be :( Is it me? What gives? As I type, my site is down again.
  2. w4k3upn0w

    What do you guys think of my signature?

    That is the whole idea IMO. I like it. Edit: here is my quick version of the same I know I messed up but I was in a hurry
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    A great place to find video loops for movie production

    I just found this site with a bunch of great animated background video loops for creating your own intros in mov1es and so on. Downloads: Just thought I would post this here. That is the screenshot of the ones I...
  4. w4k3upn0w

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Re: Which Os do u prefer I will stick with XP. It is what I know best. I have tried other OS and I always go back to XP.
  5. w4k3upn0w

    Warez or no Warez?

    IMO, programs are expensive. If you are using these programs and making money, such as.. a web designer or graphics art etc and you are not buying the programs, then you are being a crook. I use cracked, patched and retail programs but only for educational purposes and I do not profit from using...
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    Help Me Pick The Name of My Site

    I like
  7. w4k3upn0w

    Well Met!

    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  8. w4k3upn0w

    Trinity Here

    Say hello to NEO for me please. :laugh:
  9. w4k3upn0w

    Windows Live Messenger BETA

    Keep in mind that this is still a beta version. It seems that the more they do to WLM, the worse it becomes, my biggest beef is that I have tried to go back to older versions of WLM and it will not allow me to use and insists on upgrading. I still like WLM but in my case, WLM lags my pc and...
  10. w4k3upn0w

    help test my applet 3 mins?

    I did not include my IP in the screenshot. peace.
  11. w4k3upn0w

    how to hide or store files in .jpg extension

    I like Jimmy's tuts, I have learned a few cool tricks from him in the past. I like his tuts because he is most of the time fast and to the point. He is a good teacher.
  12. w4k3upn0w

    Thou shall visit the forums once every two weeks?

    4.) Thou shall visit the forums once every two weeks. This is a very simple requirement. You must visit the forums here, once every 2 weeks to keep your account active. If you do not we will assume you are inactive and suspend your account. Is logging in enough or does one have to post too...
  13. w4k3upn0w

    New Website Up :D

    I like this site I specially like the colorful background with all of those soft palette colors. Did you create this with SwishMax or Flash MX?
  14. w4k3upn0w

    Hello one and all

    Welcome back and good luck on your next and newer project. Everytime you start afresh, you learn new things. What kind of site are you making and what will it be about?
  15. w4k3upn0w

    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    McCain is a joke! He would have been better off choosing a sock puppet as his running mate. :laugh: I think the following video explains just how incompetent McCain and Palin trully are. :eek4: John McCain is now using our current economic...
  16. w4k3upn0w


    Those are the rules. Next time you join any forum, make sure you visit that sites forum rules first, that should be basic common sense. :laugh:
  17. w4k3upn0w

    100 % satisfied with free service!

    I signed up the other day and got moving quickly and smoothly. x10hosting has to be the BEST free service I have ever had and that is a fact. x10hosting is faster than 3 paid services I am a part of right now which are being hosted by GoDaddy. I will suggest...
  18. w4k3upn0w

    Can we update Wordpress?

    Thank you PancakeN, I think I found the information needed to make the upgrade, you have been of great help :) Edit: It worked like a charm PancakeN, thanks again for showing me where to go :happysad: Issue solved.
  19. w4k3upn0w

    Can we update Wordpress?

    I was moved but no one knows for sure wether or not I can upgrade to version 2.6?
  20. w4k3upn0w

    BandWidth Explained

    The best way for me is to host everything on different servers. All images linked to downloads if any, linked to RS or MU or a private server. And of course my site will never get mass viewers so I am safe :)