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  1. michaelw1

    Delete Account

    When A admin see's your post here the account will be removed at your request. Note we are all volunteers so it may take some time for Accounts to be removed .
  2. michaelw1

    Delete Account

    They will remove it when they can
  3. michaelw1

    Delete Account

    A admin has to do that for you.
  4. michaelw1

    Sign up problem

    Signup is offline at this time
  5. michaelw1

    x10 volunteer feedback

    I run possible volunteer by our team.
  6. michaelw1

    x10 volunteer feedback

    users have to with us for a week or more . and have some basic skills .ie able to work with new members the best way you can . Work well with admins and staff. can use discord .
  7. michaelw1


    We do not allow vpn's with our free hosting sorry
  8. michaelw1

    x10 volunteer feedback

    Here are something I enjoy about volunteering for x10 Hosting 1. Meeting new users 2. Learning new Things 3. Answering Questions on discord It's been a awesome ride and I'm enjoying this. I would like the volunteer to have more tools to help our users . hope is to get more volunteer from all...
  9. michaelw1

    Disk allowance upgrade

    More space for your site
  10. michaelw1

    Disk allowance upgrade

    I think you can get more seeing that your at 85%
  11. michaelw1

    necesito que activéis mi cuenta error E836505D4666F5DC1

    A admin will be with you soon
  12. michaelw1

    IP is blacklisted

    can you give me a error code please?
  13. michaelw1

    Softaculous Auto installer problem

    Yes just clear your broswer data and your good to go
  14. michaelw1

    delete my existing service

    you can have up to 3 services
  15. michaelw1

    reset account

    Hello, A admin can help you with that.
  16. michaelw1

    delete my existing service

    A admin will be with you soon
  17. michaelw1

    delete account

    A admin will be with you soon
  18. michaelw1

    Error code EA1C56A6347CE2E22

    YOur location is not supported
  19. michaelw1

    Free Disk Upgrade

    A admin will check that for you
  20. michaelw1

    Free hosting not working

    If you have a error code please post it. Thanks