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  1. halohalo

    What Apple Products do You Own?

    Though Apple products such as their Personal Computers and Notebooks have a smaller share of the market than their competitors, Apple owners tend to be absolute freaks about their ownership. Some own multiple Apple products as a proud sign of support. Do you own any Apple products? If so, which...
  2. halohalo

    Banner for Topsites Section

    Just noticed that you haven't yet done anything with the topsites section of the x10hosting site. I've attached a banner that I created to help you get started - it will customize the top banner of the topsites section. Maybe others can submit their own suggested banner design. The best...
  3. halohalo

    The Server is Blocking My Access!

    Hi, I got a FORBIDDEN error page when I try to access my website, which is an addon domain to my developer (paid) account. Here is a sample from my error logs: [Sat Sep 1 03:51:14 2007] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration...
  4. halohalo

    Time OUT!

    I read an interesting post on slashdot the other day. In the post, there was a reference to a news clip that the Chinese government had recently released a mandate for all game companies to institute a "time-lock" for children and teens under 18 which essentially prevents them from playing that...
  5. halohalo

    Custom Domain Name

    Hi, I have a free, ad-supported account on and I am trying to get a custom domain name to point to my account. So far, I have set my nameservers at my domain registrar to point to and I tried setting my custom domain using the x10 hosting...
  6. halohalo

    Anyone else using the new Hotmail Interface?

    The new Microsoft Hotmail interface is HORRIBLE. I think they tried too hard to make everything in the interface click and draggable... which is aggravating to no end. I switched back to the classic Hotmail interface immediately.