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    Posting in forum once a month

    Not going to lie, I've gladly followed all the guidelines setup here and in return have always had smooth service with my server and website. Except today I got an email from a client saying my website was 'gone', so I went to my url, to see a notice from x10 that says the website no longer...
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    Fris Nonsense.

    Thank you, the first solution to add to the remote mysql worked fine.
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    Fris Nonsense.

    I did get my password and cPanel working, however after being switched to Fris, it screwed up the forum I have. I'm trying to get it back up, but its not working, I'm getting a mySQL error [1044]. Says Access denied to my databases.
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    Fris Nonsense.

    I have read and properly understood the post made by Derek, and will clearly state now - it hasn't helped. Regardless of what username/email and password I use, I am unable to login to the cPanel. I need to login, because when all this happened, my phpbb forum went to hell, and I need to get...
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    Moving a phpbb3 forum

    So in reality, the act of setting up a forum on x10's free service, was a terrible idea? (under the circumstances it ever had to be moved) I appriciate the assistance, and unfortunately still hold no desire to purchase a premium package, so its looking like the forum will be rebuilt on the new...
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    Moving a phpbb3 forum

    Well, the way we see it, is there's little sense in us paying for another server, when there is already a paid server for us to use. However, I currently cannot access my cpanel, ftp, or site, due to this whole moving process, which I was under the impression was over with by now, but as I'm...
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    Moving a phpbb3 forum

    I figure I'll start by saying I'm not leaving X10, I'm just taking my forum off of X10. Unfortunately, the free service just isn't fast enough, and the forum is a city community forum, so its going to be taking a lot of traffic and usage. My question though; How can I move my forum, all its...
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    Host very slow

    I'm also on Lotus, it was fine up until a few days ago when the mysql went offline for a few hours, even since its been back online, lotus seems to be suffering pretty badly. Currently the loading speed is pretty bad. However its also to be expected on a free service that gets somewhat abused...
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    My site does not work

    Many people using the free service run into this, supposedly its just due to the massive amount of activity on the free servers, it generally slows them down and such, I get the same slew of errors quite frequently as well. I may be wrong though. However you could also buy a premier account...
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    Failed to Connect

    The same or similar error has popped up again. Network Timeout The operation timed out when attempting to contact -Could the server be experiencing high demand or a temporary failure? Try again later. -Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer's network...
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    Failed to Connect

    At this current time, the error isn't showing up. The pages are just taking a little over 2 minutes to load every time, sometimes longer. In reality, these pages should only take a few seconds to load, so the speed right now is very sluggish. When the error window comes back, I'll do a full...
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    Failed to Connect

    I've been with x10 since 2007, and decided its about time I ask about this, haha. Basically, my site will never load, I usually get "Failed to Connect" and the times it does load, its almost reminiscent of my old 56k modem from back in the day. Last week (and only that week), it ran...
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    I went to check my forum today, and it said there was an sql error, and to contact the admin. Well, technically I'm the forum admin, so I went to check out my sql on my CP. Strangely enough, all 3 of mysql databases, are gone (store/forum/etc) I was hoping you could explain to me where my...
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    MYSQL Error

    Well, big thanks to Brandon, haha. Seems the problem resolution was out of my hands anyway, problem is gone now though. Thanks for pointing that out, lhyman. And thanks misson for the help you provided.
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    MYSQL Error

    Alright, thanks for replying. Lets say hypothetically, I'd want to resort to checking the runaway query theory. I've heard of the Error 28, and some people validated the problem existing by refreshing the directory, and within a day or two (or three, give or take a few) the problem returned...
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    MYSQL Error

    Well, heres the error (somewhat) that I'm getting Fatal error: mysql error: [1: Can't create/write to file '/var/tmp/#sql_9469_0.MYI' (Errcode: 28)] (or any other errors related to a .MYI file) The help and support of Zen Cart provides this solution; If you are the server/host administrator and...
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    Frequent Downtimes, traffic loss.

    For a while, I would dismiss people saying that our site was offline, because usually it was only due to slow loading, and things were fine for other people. Although in the last while, the down-times on our server are spiking ridiculously. About every two or three days, people are requesting...
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    [Advertising Event] White Noise

    You can visit White Noise at ! White Noise is currently doing a small advertising campaign to increase traffic, and here seemed like a good place to start! Currently there are advertising spots available on the website, and a new affiliation program that has come into play as...
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    [AD] Alternative Maplestory server [EnvyMS]

    1. Server Usage » Illegal Material : This includes copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, or music files, and any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation. You may not store copyrighted Mp3s on your webspace in any way shape or form. That would mean, yes, it is...
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    [AD]DarkMS Private Server, 4th job, nice rates, great staff

    1. Server Usage » Illegal Material : This includes copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, or music files, and any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation. You may not store copyrighted Mp3s on your webspace in any way shape or form. MapleStory is a copyright...