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  1. spyrorocks

    x10hosting websites!!!!!

    Hay, everyone. If you have a website that you want others to see, just post a link here! Im still waiting for my x10 account, but my other website is Stick Man Animations .
  2. spyrorocks

    Visual Basic 6.0

    Um, could some one, if they know of any sites, post a link to a download thingy for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 . Im getting use to the proggramming language and want to wright some games. Much apprechiated. If you have it on yuor computer, maybe you could let me "borrow" it. Thanks to all who...
  3. spyrorocks

    Computer sound??? HELP!!

    Im new here, so if im posting where i shouldent, please just delete this post. Anyways... I just recently got some new computer speakers. I plugged them in, tryed to play some music with windows media player, and no soud came out. (Of course i plugged them in and turned them on and turned...