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  1. intenex

    [REQ][200]Life Stages Interview Project - 100 Points to Those Who Answer

    Hey, Thank you everyone for replying! This is now closed. I had a great reply from Starshine, (thanks!), and I've sent him 1000 credits. Not at intelligible as I would have preferred, but thanks for trying, neteater, sent you 500 credits just for the attempt. Thanks again everyone!
  2. intenex

    [REQ][200]Life Stages Interview Project - 100 Points to Those Who Answer

    Well, I'm rather desperate now, so if anyone wants to answer in the 31-49 range, I'm willing to offer 1000 credits for a good, detailed responses. Thanks!
  3. intenex

    [REQ][200]Life Stages Interview Project - 100 Points to Those Who Answer

    Hey, Not quite as detailed as I would have preferred, but just for having answered first, I'll say thanks by giving you 100 credits. This is still open to more. Also, if you guys could leave your first name along with making these a little more detailed (a few/several detailed sentences per...
  4. intenex

    [REQ][200]Life Stages Interview Project - 100 Points to Those Who Answer

    Hey there everyone, There's a little project I'm obligated to do here for school. It involves interviewing three different people from three different stages of life, so I figured that this would be a good place to do so. To provide incentive for people to answer seriously and with detail, I'm...
  5. intenex

    Files Missing

    Maybe it was all a dream? Shrug
  6. intenex

    Need Suggestions/Testers for Game

    Hey, small game I've made over the years. On and off. If anyone could give me some feedback on it, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks :). It's a top-down scrolling shooter, by the way. use the arrow keys to maneuver your plane use the space bar to fire use Esc key or the red X to quit the game...
  7. intenex

    Host Two Domains (and Two Questions)

    Alright, two questions here. First, is it possible to host two domains under one account? If not, am I legally allowed to have two accounts? Second question - Is it at all possible to have a subdomain controlled by a host different from x10 if my name servers are pointed to x10? I have an...
  8. intenex

    Need Signature -400 credits

    Offering 400 credits for a signature. More if well done - post with your offer. Something that says intenex with dark, stylish flair. Preferably 600x400 or the like. ___ BlackQuantum
  9. intenex

    10 Credits per rep

  10. intenex

    Lottery with more than one winner!

    Hey, seeing all these raffle/jackpot threads around gave me the idea for my own, with slight twists. Here's how this is going to work: 1 credit per entry, as many entries as you want. seems to be the leading method of lottery picking, so that'll be the choice here as well. There...
  11. intenex

    Site Index Down after Editing

    After editing my site index, Firefox comes up with a "Problem loading page" message with the assertion that it cannot establish a connection with my site. This had worked just moments before with the default side index, but it fails to with my new (and very simple html) page. In...
  12. intenex

    What is the meaning of life? And what naturally follows

    Almost as inevitable as a thread on Hitler and the Nazis. I can tie virtually anything into this topic, and I plan to do so here as my philosophy on life gradually comes back to me. I don't see much as being off topic in this topic. As directly as possible, my personal view is that there is no...