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  1. nicholas

    Unsuspension Request for kopitiam

    cPanel Username: kopitiam Domain/Subdomain: How long your account has been up: Should be very long. Just look at when I register at x10hosting forum. Suspension Reason: Another reason that is unlisted -----------------------------------------------------...
  2. nicholas

    Received x10Hosting Signup Confirmation from y email when I already being hosted

    To whoever concern, Hello, I don't know where to post this so I am posting it here. I already have a hosting account here and 7 hours ago I received an x10Hosting Signup Confirmation in my email. I did not apply for another hosting account so I suspect most likely it is someone who key in...
  3. nicholas

    The real Saddam Hussein
  4. nicholas

    Top 10 Posters

    Corey Join Date: 12-26-2004 PostsTotal Posts: 977 (8.00 posts per day) Auvee Join Date: 12-26-2004 PostsTotal Posts: 801 (6.51 posts per day) Tyler Join Date: 02-09-2005 PostsTotal Posts: 798 (10.23 posts per day) Conor Join Date: 01-27-2005 PostsTotal Posts: 665 (7.31...
  5. nicholas

    Chmod Permission Problem

    I have this problem and I wonder if it is got something to do with the change of cpanel or the server. One of the folders is supposed to be chmod to 777 but I do not know when it changed to 755. Maybe by itself :laughing: Anyway so I change to 777. Just now I went in again to check because 2...
  6. nicholas

    Star Wars Personality Test

    Since star wars episode III is coming soon to the theatres on 19 may, try this personality test to find out which Star Wars character you are most like... :original: i am yoda!! :laughing:
  7. nicholas

    suggestion regarding free hosting request by members

    I noticed quite a few members when requesting for free hosting start bumping for an answer without giving the staffs adequate time to respond to the request. So i would like to suggest there be a message stating clearly to allow staffs an allowance of 12 or 24 hours to respond the thread. maybe...
  8. nicholas


    Currently I am looking for a good PDA to buy and I have narrow down to the brand be exact O2 XDA II mini or O2 XDA IIs. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on other brands or other model :flowers: thanks
  9. nicholas

    Websites you are into currently...:)

    for me its x10hosting and coz suvivor is back again :D
  10. nicholas

    [IPB]Setting IPDynamic Lite as default front page

    I cant remember where i get this hack from but basically if you intend to use IPDynamic Lite as your portal and wanted to set it as your default page instead of going to forum first, then you need to edit the following files and follow the steps: Open /index.php...
  11. nicholas

    Which country are you from?

    i notice quite a number of you guys from different parts of the shoot, where are you from? :D