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    Suspension - Multiple Accounts

    if someone can close this thread please do. it is indeed a double post.
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    Don't let this happen to you.

    I'm sorry bout yesterday elesar. I am only human so I can get angry too. I believe you would be too if you were in my shoe. I was misled (It seems by my own doing by not reading the TOS clearly) to believe that I can have more than one account. Anyway I do have backups, but I really need the...
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    Don't let this happen to you.

    yada yada go on and say what you want if that is your view. What I want is resolution. I am only asking for some admin to let me get my files and consider me gone from here. All I ask is for a little leniency and let me get my files and I will delete my multiple account. the keyword here is...
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    Don't let this happen to you.

    This is what I posted as a ticket and just want to post it here too to make sure that I can be able to download my files. Hi I had 4 free hosting accounts since about last year to this year. As I had thought that it was okay. When I signed up, I read from the old site that I can have as many...
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    Suspension - Multiple Accounts

    Hi I had 4 free hosting accounts since about last year to this year. As I had thought that it was okay. When I signed up, I read from the old site that I can have as many account as I can as long as it is associated/linked with a unique forum account and that the linked forum accounts should be...
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    Help with script.

    you used 'admin' as a mysql connect argument. try using yourcpanelname_admin. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/stuart10/public_html/dbconnect.php on line 1 Warning: mysql_select_db()...
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    Should regular users be able to post in "announcements" thread?

    I said no. News and Announcements should be staff only. Otherwise when some people who cannot be online often checks out the news and Announcements it would be difficult to piece out the actual news from the people who are filled with gratitude, complaints and/or mixe emos. This is my personal...
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    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    Not for anything else but the fact that this service is so great even if it is free. That is why I am willing to sacrifice a little just to alleviate some stress that corey will have to endure. :naughty:
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    Ajax help.

    Ajax I believe has security restrictions. which prevents it to modify anything or send anything to site C. but I believe you can combine server side scripting and ajax to accomplish just about any task. Unless you are asking about user scripts (eg. greasemonkey. ) which has a more powerful...
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    Javascript Resizing

    happens to the best of us. :)
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    Does testing a website through localhost use up bandwidth?

    Definitely not. Any URL that is pointed to in your hosts file will also not pass through your modem.
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    Are you going to buy fireworks?

    Fireworks are illegal here too. but I usually join a countdown party to watch their fireworks. at least I don't burn my money with a bang. :)
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    PHP on Local Host

    If you have the time uninstall apache first and reinstall. or I don't know if it has the option of repairing installation to enable php. but if you are in to tweaking ini files I think all you need is to add this line in your httpd.conf. AddType application/x-httpd-php .php look for similar...
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    I'm new to this...

    I think you know html but don't know where to put it right? if so first of all create a file named index.html that would be your starting point now let's say you have an <a href='link.html'>link here</a> tag then you would create a separate link.html file. Then when you upload your files you...
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    Need some HTML/CSS help!

    You can do so with javascript. But first is the content you are trying to load in the same page? use the onclick event of an image <img src='image.jpg' onclick='"" /> or for text I use span tags <span onclick='""...
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    Want to Learn PHP ????

    forgive my ignorance but from what country's language is urdu?
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    Please review my site...

    Thanks for giving me tips on where to start to make my site more appealing. Edit: I believe that my site is undergoing the transfers right now so it cannot be opened for a while.
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    Please review my site...

    Thanks for the comment. I did do a little bit of work and I owe it all to the constructive comments that this community has given me. Edit: I am still a little far from over though.
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    Please review my site...

    Yup and I am doing some more layout works but my job is making me a lot busy lately. Edit: So any comment on my new logo? Edit: I guess none. :)
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    Need help with php mail

    So it is correct but needs the \r\n. Okay I'll give it another try. Thanks Marshian