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    Need Help on a Few Things

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that is not what I wanted to do. I want the viewer to be able to sort the data when the viewer clicks the header text. The SQL sort only sorts one column by default when the table is loaded. Can you show an example with the $_GET variable, please? (I've been...
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    Need Help on a Few Things

    Please try to bear with me, I'm a newbie at PHP. I have a form here that will be submitted to a PHP page and from there submitted to a table in a database and finally shows the submitted information in a table. I need help sorting the table by columns and filling in one field. Here's my form...
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    What do you think?

    Yeah...this is a real problem. On page load, way too much horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Resolution: 1024x768 Browser: Google Chrome 2.x
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Yeah the credit card...big problem for me (I don't have one). Can someone help me out, preferably by Private Message. Thanks.
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    x10 Credits Lottery

    Sure I'm in. I've seen this on other websites so why not have it here? I could use some credits for a domain. :drool:
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    Free Hosting Uptime

    Well, I have to admit that this is awesome. I had my doubts back in mid-June but luckily I waited it out till now and it was very well worth it. Thank you, x10Hosting.
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    Review my site please

    Admin/Moderator, please review this site as I got a suspected phishing attempt from Google Chrome by clicking on the link,
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    Pretty simple and straight-forward, not too distracting in any way. There is a broken image shown behind the "Forgot Password?" link. Think you can fix that? Also, on the "Sign Up" image, only the top part is clickable, not the whole image as well. Still a nice website to be honest.
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    Review My Newly Re-Designed Site

    "Wensday" is misspelled. Correct spelling is "Wednesday". Also on the middle section, maybe the posted on <date>... should have some separation from the next header title. For example: Posted on <date>... Kyle Lohse To Be Activated instead of: Posted on <date>... Kyle Lohse To Be...
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    Check out my Forum.

    Looks fine as it is. I would recommend changing the font color and/or font size on the "Moderators" since the blue doesn't quite suit the dark gray background well.
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    review Doodz

    I agree with both repliers here. I like the color scheme, not very distracting. The image on the top post is a bit unaligned with the content box (1024x768 resolution).
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    Bring back the arcade

    I get the same error message when I try to play a game.
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    Please review my site for the following points

    Agree with adamparkzer. It did load really fast. Using Google Chrome
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    My site: a PTC

    Bug: The horizontal navigation bar is interfering with "Registered Users / Total Paid" and I believe it is off-aligned (therefore creating a horizontal bar). I am not going to critique on the font and layout (I'm no expert on it). Security: The register page is not secured and does use...
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    404 Error Page

    This might have been a fault on my part but I finally got it. A little searching on Google suggested that I needed the whole 404 URL. It does work with the full URL, not 404.shtml If you guys meant for me to add the URL then I'm sorry, I wasn't really thinking last night but thanks for the help.
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    [Javascript] Protected Pages

    I am fairly done with the password protected pages that I have done from yesterday. What I have is a link that will open a popup window showing the protected page then requires the user to enter a password to access another page from that javascript. Alright, I have the enter password to another...
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    404 Error Page

    I'm sure it is 404.shtml, I have visited the page manually and it does show me the error page. The File Manager shows the file under the /public_html directory.
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    404 Error Page

    It wasn't there before so I added it and it did change the default error page but still not my custom error page. Internet Explorer = Gives me their custom 404 HTTP Error Page Mozilla Firefox = Gives me a white page and "404.shtml" text Google Chrome = Gives me their custom 404 HTTP Error Page
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    404 Error Page

    All data was cleared, including cache, from Google Chrome, still doesn't redirect to custom made 404 webpage.
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    404 Error Page

    I used the "Error Page" link in the cPanel Advanced options and edited the 404.shtml page. When I tried to purposely enter an invalid link, it gave me the default x10hosting's 404, not my custom made 404 page. Can someone help me out?