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  1. kefka_asylum

    faster than unpacking???

    thats all good and fine, it was repaired August 8 at 1:26 am thanks for the service
  2. kefka_asylum

    faster than unpacking???

    id like to get my site back up i have a complete backup of my website on my pc why dont i just delete my hosting domain then recreate it on some server that i can use i can then upload all the data i have would that be faster than waiting on this scheduled copy of...
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    good job out there guys, however some of us poor free people are still not up to date on the server migration seems i was one of those poor folk who had their account disabled even though you say it is present? just not unpackaged?.... well, fix me up here at and let...
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    When did computers and technology stop being geeky?

    yep BBS to play LORDS or to download new patches or software my 2400 baud was badass when i learned to program the init string back up a bit to the 14.4 we'd play phone games with the dialup DWANGO was the best and worst, getting green slimed for talking out of place or not paying your...
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    Best Linux Distribution

    problem: ubuntu is noob friendly solution: create more bugs problem: servers need stability solution: enterprise class linux problem: linux cant run windows programs solution: write your own derivatives of windows programs problem: not enough good program x on linux solution...
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    Post your specs
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    great host

    dude you guys have amazing service here i just want to thank you guys for all the hard work you enjoy doing here on this linux webhost one sad note i signed up because you guys were hosted in downtown dallas thats less than 50 miles from me! then you moved!!! hehe... ah well... cant...
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    Final Fantasy

    i played FF like this ff7- briefly ff5 - completed 100% awesome job system and story ff6 - completed 100% loved kefka and the stories ff4 1/3 completed stuck in the underworld... back to ff7 partially about 1/2 through ff1,2,3 partially played the intro story
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    Some Useful Internet Tips

    yes the windows key + u u only works if you have fast user switching enabled otherwise you will have to use the drop down selection also doubt this works for vista/7 windows+m = minimize all windows (show desktop) windows+e = open windows explorer (file browser) CTRL+N = new...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    i tested RC2 for about 2 months and it worked great admittedly i was way above the recommended settings and i turn off about 70% of the services and customize the interface to slim it down but im also a student so i bought a student priced license of win7 64bit pro for $30 i...
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    i used yahoo mail system for a decade since the days they bought up geocities recently i got tired of yahoo creating bulky colorful templates for a simple email interface and switched i am glad i did also as gmail is the best email service i have seen its got quirks as much as yahoo...
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    16 bit graphics beats dx11 by 1000000fps
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    Web Servers

    i hated ubuntu from the first failed click i started using linux when ubuntu was the new vibe of the tech day i started on slackware and have migrated through several linux distros yes i agree with centos, i am learning to use centos4.5 also scientificOS is basically the same as centos...
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    Programs you use to manage your site...

    hey i see lots of people use notepad you guys are my heros i began writing in notepad also i now use "Notepad2" which gives me color references to dozens of scripting languages i tried notepad++ but its too bulky and slow i want slim and fast for uploads i have only ever used the student...
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    thanks for the linuxLiveDVD thats awesome! i used to run nexiuz, planescape, and WOP on linux!

    thanks for the linuxLiveDVD thats awesome! i used to run nexiuz, planescape, and WOP on linux!
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    Post your specs

    1987 Tandy 1000 286 7.16mhz 640kb EDO ram 5.25inch floppy 2400baud modem VGA color screen Supporting Dos 5.0+ Hundreds of games and applications word processing, printing, office, networking
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    another posting sighted

    stalker! help im being repressed!
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    what you want big diggie

    what you want big diggie
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    Logical Fallacies and Constructing a Good Argument

    speaking clearly and giving an argument can harm you
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    Education - What Needs to Be Done?

    mandatory genocide will cleanse the non believers of intelligence allowing room for all those who need education to succeed and thrive