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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    All are bad. If you have antivirus your system will work lower, u cant write paches for games, u cant develop some apps and etc. If u are using windows, run antivirus once in month and check for viruses, i think its best way.
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    Which linux distribution is more stable?

    Ubuntu is easy to use os system based on linux kernel. Its fast and design is good than other linux based systems that i know. Its very good system if u are developer. ---------- Post added at 02:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:39 PM ---------- and Ubuntu developing in lauchpad, i...
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    My First Facebook Application !

    Yes, good app. I created this apps for our fb pages: - Send mail to someone from anonymous sender - Multiplayer chess game and some other little apps for pages
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    Domain parking-manual parking

    Hi, please x10hosting, park domain for me manually, because i writed it ago, that .az domains can not be parked from cpanel.
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    Domain parking

    Hi, yes, but this domain registration service can't update nameservers if domain isn't writed in nameserver (ns) of the hoster. And CPanel can't park this domain because .az domains are not avaible for global whois server. I tested it in Ubuntu network tools and i get this result: This TLD has...
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    Domain parking

    Hi, please park for me domain manually, CPanel can't do it because domains .az are not avaible for global whois server, you can check domain from . and what is nameserver and its ip for forwarding?
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    Parking domain

    Hi, i cant park domain in cpanel, i'm getting error: Error from hooks wrapper: Domain action was not successfully completed [1]. Error: Error from park wrapper: Sorry, cannot determine nameserver IPs. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid domain registrar. But...
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    ns server

    Hi, i want to pard domain i need to ns servers/