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    wordpress. I've tried drupal, joomla, and phpnuke as well. I always found wordpress struck the right balance between too much and too little control. It also has an AMAZING user base. You can get a lot of help and there are tons of plugins, themes, etc.
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    I know quite a few vegans and vegetarians, but all of them have different reasons for eating that way. I for one am a vegetarian not because I love animals, but because I HATE vegetables.
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    What do you hate?

    I really hate people who hate other people. ... hahaha But seriously, ->current copyright laws ->some people's lack of responsibility for their own actions ->paper cuts ->overly opinionated people
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    Valentine Day

    I'm glad google changed their image, otherwise I wouldn't have remembered it was Valetines Day.
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    Count to 1 Million

    This morning I woke up at 9:06
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    wordpress themes

    Does anyone know of any good, free wordpress themes with a horizontal menu and horizontal submenu?
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    wordpress virtual keyboard

    I'm making a website for my friends business and he wants to have 'kiosks' displaying the website (a local version). So, to type info into forms, etc. I'd need some sort of 'on screen' keyboard.
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    wordpress virtual keyboard

    Hey, does anyone know of a good wordpress plugin for a virtual keyboard? I found one via google, but their website is down. Sanks!
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    God vs. Science

    I'm glad Einstein didn't write this. That would have made me sad. Imho, both sides are making some stupid arguments.
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    Left 4 Dead

    I borrowed the game from my friend and played it for a week or so. After that it got fairly boring.
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    mySQL users

    Hey, I just got my website back up after some transfer issues and I need to recreate my phpbb and tikiwiki sql users. The problem is that I'm a noob and don't remember my user names. I have another db whose user name I did remember, I added it, and it worked fine. Is there any way to retrive the...
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    Review my site

    Looks great! Nice layout and color scheme. Two things 1.Get rid of the tacky web counter 2. Change the titles of the page to say "Stockton Elite Wrestling - <Home Page/Coaches/etc>." Better for bookmarking and google score.
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    So I was reading this article and there are a lot of insect colonies where one will sacrifice their life for the greater good, but this is somewhat rare for humans. Would you be willing to give up your life for family, community, the "greater good"? Where do you draw the line on what is worth...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    Once More With Feeling --- the most hilarious buffy episode ever
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    Forum Game <Wish>

    Granted. But he's a zombie and eats your brains. I wish that I was never disappointed by awesome wishes being granted then ruined by something else.
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    Word Assoation Game

    trunk > elephant
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    Google's obsession with beta

    Haha, I love the title of this topic. It does seem like Google has a fear of commitment. They have some really cool applications (like Grand Central), but since they're beta you need a 'golden ticket' to get an account, which is kind of annoying. I guess they're reserving the right for it to be...
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    Please vote on new site!

    Layout 1 definitely wins it for me. It's a lot cleaner than the other layouts. You might want to consider putting the list of cars and list of motorcycles into a drop down box though. The long list is kind of intimidating.
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    Right now everyone is pretty excited about Obama because he is a good speaker, but he doesn't seem to do well on the spot. I think he'll lose support once the debates begin.
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    How do YOU feel about having kids?

    Personally, I think that I'm pretty awesome. Therefore, I want to create more of me.