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    [Game Programming] Highlander

    can you give us some tasks so we can start doing something right now? P.S. what kind of genre should it really look like? RPG? online RPG? just asking for some more detailed info on how the game should be look like.
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    [Game Programming] Highlander

    add all in the group on msn guys so we can contact easier, shoutbox isn't really needed.
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    [Game Programming] Highlander

    you might send me uml diagram (navigation/presentation) on how you plan the site to look like so i can help you out as well if you like.
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    Give me a quote to fix this existing site

    the way i see the solution for backgrond changing is some work of php/javascript. it wouldn't be nice if i would be doing your job or someone else, afterall i guess you shouldn't even ask for that :))) but i had some free time and refreshed my memory of school stuff ....... (just note, if...
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    [Game Programming] Highlander

    i might be able to do some stuff too. hit me up on msn. P.S. plz don't add emails on your site the way you did, because bot searching by some spammers might pickup the emails and then you'll be on their mailing lists. i'll be sending you a pm in few mins for contact info and stuff. but i must...
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    reading a remote file??

    hm. do you mean: you have a page on this server, but you want to load a file from a remote server to add up to your web page. you can do it by using include 'path/file' where path/file is e.g. that should load the web page as a part of your web page on...
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    parsing html links with php [100 credits]

    i think his situation is: he has one page where his links are posted (or where he adds the links manually). he wants certain data (links to text files) to be visible from the other web page as well. my guess is that he wants txt files posted on other pages as well once he adds them on other...
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    parsing html links with php [100 credits]

    hi there. i didn't quit understood what you aimed at, and am in kinda hurry ( my pizza is cooling down :D). if i got it well, you have one file named e.g. "site.html" and you want to take text links from that file and have it displayed on your other web page. i've just made some small code...
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    Want help with Index.html

    i guess you meant "index.html". and yes, once you enter e.g. "" it actually displays your "index.html" inside that folder (which means its same if you enter index.html or not in your address bar). in case there is no "index.html", i guess it should disply your files...
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    hi to all

    i m new around here, seems like nice place, greets to you all :)))) so let me introduce myself. i m sadmir, coming from bosnia and herzegovina, currently studying computer science, and have interests in computers ofcourse. P.S. i m 22 years old, and no, i m not one of those nerdy looking pc...