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    FTP Timeout

    I'm actually trying to transfer a 30 MB file from my other host onto this host using a php script but then it says that the Remote Host Terminated the connection (in this case, the remote host is x10hosting) Is there anyway I could actually solve this problem?
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    Incremental SQL Backups?

    Is it possible to backup only the changes and not the entire database everytime?
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    I don't find Fantastico...

    Though its CPanel, I don't find Fantastico. Could it be that you're not providing that at all in the first place? Thanks Edit: Oh ok... I was on the wrong plan :) Sorry for the trouble...
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    Help with DB Connectivity

    Hi, I'm trying to connect to the MySQL database using a program called NaviCat but then it says it cannot connect. I've added my Access Host in cPanel to the list but still it doesn't work. It actually worked with my previous host but now I don't know what is going wrong. Any advice please?
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    Just a simple Hi from my side :) I'm an Electronics Engineer but I like programming more than that...