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    Suggestion: A new theme for forum?

    Just like what others said, the homepage is fantastic, so I just want to ask that will the theme of forum being rebuild to fit the homepage? This will be better I think, just a suggestion.
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    phpBB 2.0.22 released

    Wooh, a new version that we had waited for decades, but Ibet it won't be as good as SMFlike you all said.
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    Transformer Trailer countdown

    Finally, transformer trailer will be released in this countdown of yahoo video, Cheers!! lol, why should I cheer? It is just another simple movie.... By the way, see here :
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    Potato chips became non-fat food

    :D Hi Just wanna share some tips from some expert If you are a junk food king/queen but afraid becoming fat. The solutions is to put your junk food (potato chips) into fridge (not the freezer .. ) When you want to eat, take it out and eat it with no worries about the becoming fat It will...
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    Hide content

    I have a site and the index.php is full of words, but now I just want it to show : Site under construction.... How to hide the other contents? Using what html code? Actually, it is not a must to use html code, if you know how to let those members view "under construction " word and hide the...
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    World's First 2.5" 300GB SATA Drive

    Fujitsu Limited recently announced the development of the world's first 2.5" hard disk drive that offers storage capacity of 300 gigabytes (GB) with a Serial ATA interface. The new hard disk drive "MHX2300BT" will be available in late February 2007. Featuring the highest storage capacity in the...
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    32G Memory Stick, Anyone?

    Still happy with your smartphone that have 8G internal Tiny Hard Disk? or just bought a 2G memory stick and thinking what should you put in it? Not to fast... Sony just revealed a whole new memory stick with a whopping 32G space. More than enough for normal user.
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    Corsair's Flash Voyager Drive

    Just when you thought of a way to fill up your 2Gb or 4Gb thumbdrive, Corsair has announced their whopping 16Gb Flash Voyager drive. With data transfer speeds of 22MB/s read and 7MB/s write, this baby can even store your entire Windows operating system and you can boot up from your drive. It...
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    Remove IE 7

    IE 7 really mess up my network and computer. But I can't restore back to the time before I installed IE 7.. sh*t Although I try to remove it using the [ADD and remove apps] in teh control panel, by clicking [Show Updates] but after I restart my comp, it still working??? Please, i need some help.
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    256MB/s bandwidth?

    I am having serious problem with my DSL line, you know, the speed now is more or less like the dial-up. So, I searched over the web, and see is there any speed test website, and it link me to here. HERE Know what I get? I get this : I am really shocked and suprise, so I test again, and...
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    My computer have virus?

    Just now, my line kept having problem such as disconnect or speed is slow, although I know that my ISP is upgrading, but I don't think that my ISP is the reason cauisng my computer having virus? This is one of the screenshot before I restore my computer back to 6th of December 2006 any idea...
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    can't log in???

    My account seem to be hacked by a hacker. I just can't log in, it always say invalid username or password. So then i give ipanel a try, but i also can't log in to it Then I try lost passwird, but it say email invalid. I definitely sure that it is correct. Even ftp can't be log in. I am sure...
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    WHat code is that?

    I found out that some script installation like phpBBfm, if not wrong, cause just pop-up in my mind, contain a large number of words, but when view in FF or IE, it is a sentence like : " you have to delete these words to continue install". so what sort of programming code is taht?
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    Internet Explorer 7 Proves Buggy Already

    Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP is finally out. Because it tries to fix or prevent many of the numerous security flaws that hit IE 6, it's arguably the largest bug fix we've seen in quite a while. For that reason alone, I recommend installing the update. But IE 7 is not a panacea, in part...
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    Intel WiMAX Connection 2300

    Intel Corporation just recently announced design completion of its first mobile WiMAX baseband chip. Combined with the company’s previously announced single-chip, multi-band WiMAX/Wi-Fi radio, the pair creates a complete chipset called the Intel WiMAX Connection 2300. The Intel WiMAX...
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    IPB 2.2 and other addons released!!!

    Goood news for IPB user or member? WEll, IPB 2.2 and other products like blog, gallery and download manager was released. ANd give a big hand for them?:laugh:
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    A little problem after upgraded back to Service Pack 2

    Just now, I just get back to service pack 2 of XP via windows update, but after the installation, my BitDefender do not work properly. ( Actually it work smooth like normal ), the only thing is that Windows is now using it's own firewall and the antivirus - I setted the antivirus to "monitored...
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    AMD rolls out new power-saving processors

    Advanced Micro Devices Inc. on Monday launched a line of computer processors that use less power, saying its adoption of new manufacturing techniques will help it compete with rival Intel Corp. The development helps AMD close a manufacturing gap with Intel, which has been using the advanced...
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    SMF 1.1 Final released!!!

    SMF 1.1 Final finally released. Good news for SMF lover
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    How old am I?

    Recently, my mother's sister's daughter (Donou how to call) said that I look old, not even herself. Those salesgirl taught that I am his boyfriend when I go shopping with her. This is really hurt So, let see is it is real in your eyes. I posted two images in this post. The 1st picture is...