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    Everything working but the WebSite

    Re: Everything working but the (STARKA SERVER) Yes same here can log into Cpanel - ftp can see the files etc. But the http is not working Im using another free hosting site now temporarily but its not as good. Im on STARKA also..................:( Been...
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    I can access via FTP and not HTTP?

    I can see all my files via FTP but they wont work via HTTP (the web)? Has been working perfectly all week whats happened? STARKA Server. There are other reports also. Is this one being taken down for an upgrade also?
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    Aha the x10hosting CPANEL yes? I will try that now.8-) ---------- Post added at 05:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:20 PM ---------- Its broken. I tried to park it - but the website stopped working. I've changed it back to It still wont find the...
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    Thanks so much!!!!!!!! :biggrin: ---------- Post added at 02:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:12 PM ---------- I have which I have updated the nameservers now but its not linking to the account I also use another on the same account
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    Hello support I have created a account so now when you type it is directed to which works very well. Is there a better way to do this? The account allows me to enter A,MX records etc which ones do I have to use...
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    Just tried it 20 mins ago All working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys.:wink:
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    I cannot access my site at Says :- "The Connection Has Timed Out"