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    Email Not Going through

    Hello atmforex, I'm no expert with OpenCart, but looking at what you have posted I assume you are trying to use SMTP over SSL to the server? It could that it is restricted by the PHP configuration for the server, but furthermore the port for SMTP over SSL the port is typicaly 465 (althogh...
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    Where I upload my website files??

    Hello helittva, Yes, all the files for your website should reside in "/public_html" as you should see on your cpanel File Manager or your FTP client. The webserver is configured to use "~/public_html" path, "~" always points to the users' home directory, so that it is consistent for all...
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    Website not work

    Hello wizard79, I can see from domain WHOIS that you have correctly assigned the nameservers for your domain name. Just double check in your cpanel that the domain records are correct, you should see in the "Advanced DNS Zone Editor" at bare minimum an A record and an CNAME record which look...
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    Apuntar hosting a dominio

    Hola helittva, Creo que (pero no sé exactamente) tengas transferir el dominio al los servidores de nombre para x10hosting ( y para que se configura el servicio de HTTP en el servidor correctamente. Y tendrás opción de añadirlo como "dominio adiciónal" (su...
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    x10's free servers

    No it is not, and it's likely to take considerable time. Check up at for any developments or the forum post link there. Hope that helps. Regards Jim,
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    Issue with cPanel and Portal

    Hello eman123, I am sure you are aware that the free hosting platform is in the process of being moved to some new servers. This also means that until these are sorted out all registrations and account deletion/suspension requests are on hold. The best thing you can do right now is to...
  7. J (port 80)

    Hello mik, Not sure if you've seen the thread in the forums but this is due to the free platform servers being transferred to three new servers: Server Moves, and the ongoing status post here: x10Hosting Status. Depending which server you were allocated when you registered, you will be...
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    Server Moves

    I cannot reassure you as I am not an admin, but I imagine that the way they are working things for the transfer is to get users moved over to the new servers with cpanel and MySQL database running again all fine, and then install softalicious and I am gussing RVSiteBuilder once that's complete...
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    My website running Wordpress is giving me Fatal Error after server changes

    Hello ms.semlali54, I'm not an admin but I had seen a similar issue earlier on the IRC channel, I didn't think to check how WordPress is configured but it looks like the memory limit had not been set up correctly for some reason for your WordPress installation if it in herits this limit from...
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    Sam broadcaster and your host

    Hello djradiox, I'm not familiar with "sambroadcaster", I am very familiar with PHPNuke (very good CMS if you ask me), but I am guessing this software integrates directly via direct MySQL connection for a website to show current song title/boradcasting information for a webradio station...
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    Fatal error post server moves

    Hello honeysin, If the database for your website has not been transferred then you need to use "phpMyAdmin" in cpanel to restore your database from a backup of your database (SQL file). Judging by your response, you may not have had chance to make a backup of your database before the...
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    help web siite

    Hola pcfullmf, Hablamos en el canal de IRC, (me llamé "j4m32_1"), aún estoy esperando por el mío transmitir al servidor nuevo. Espero que el servicio estará online pronto también! Saludos Jim, PD: discúlpame si hecho errores en mi Español! No soy hablante nativo.
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    Error en la Web?

    Hola pabaurre89, La razón que no puedes ver tus paginas es que x10hosting esta moviendo los servidores (en el servicio gratis) a nuevos. Depende en cual servidor queda tu cuenta anteriormente saber cual servidor tu sitio va quedar en el nuevo, si lees la pagina de estado de servico aquí...
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    Hello Users.

    Welcome to x10hosting Liam! Was good to help you out earlier on IRC, and it's good to know your site is up and running again! Still waiting for mine to get fully transferred over. From my experience of x10hosting on my old account it's a rarity to have this kind of downtime. This is the first...
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    Introducing myself.

    Hello all, Forward note: I've been an x10hosting user for well over a year, but opened this new account a while ago but didn't introduce myself (had an old account which closed out when I got busy with exams). Currently using the free hosting for my own personal website, and perhaps a separate...