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    Please review

    Please review my heavy metal site. I realize there is really no menu and it is a bit hard to navigate. But let me know about the graphics and layouts. Thanks! \m/
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    Adobe CS5 -- anyone got any comments?

    I was told to skip the upgrade if you have CS4.
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    I love your website!

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    Is this hosting stable?

    I had some slow server problems but things seem better now.
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    Thank you both for your kind and quick response
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    Ok. The reason I thought I may be is because under suspension I have a pink box with a #2 next to it that is a clickable link. but it just brings me home. I will wait a bit more, but I will say my site has never been down so much as it has with x10. I am new here and wondering if I just came at...
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    It appears I may be suspended? Is this true and why? If not, why is my site not up? Thank you for your help. Tim
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    Review My Site

    I was being directed to a computer fixer guy? Hmmm.... - do not click this it is not my link but this is where the address above directed me too.
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    Review my Blog

    I like it! You may get a lot of people who will hate the dark background, but remember it fits with gaming very well IMO. I would not change it.
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    Just a basic template

    hey I like it.
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    World Mining Museum - Please review!

    Thank you all for the comments I really appreciate it.
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    SCAM SITES! List

    Thanks for this great list!
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    Please Review my Site

    I like the second one the best, but both are really great.
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    Here is a site I designed

    Hmm? What browser?
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    Do you know or are you learning another language?

    I can speak and write in German. I am Montana USA born and have been here all my life. I will say to anyone who is learning, that if you stop practicing the language you will forget. I have not used German since I was in college (12years) and I can't remember an 1/8 of what I used to. :dunno:
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    hey y'all

    Hello! I like it so far too!
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    Hi, and I'm an music producer from chicago.

    Greetings! Tim Lynch
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    Here is a site I designed

    Thanks for the comments
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    World Mining Museum - Please review!

    Please review this site I designed for the World Museum Of Mining. Thanks!
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    Here is a site I designed

    Thanks! LOL