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    Extremely slow index page load in my forum

    i dont know whats wrong with the index.php. is it possible for a 'malware to piggy-back' on a read-only file. plus i have scanned my site here : , and the status is CLEAN. Even my antivirus [ESET Nod32] blocked my site, i had to put it in the exception list. I dont...
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    Extremely slow index page load in my forum

    i disabled all the plugins except for 'facebook connect' and 'advanced sitemap'. i dont think that these 2 create any problems in the site. the thing i dont understand is that only 'index.php' has the the problem of loading. the other pages within the forum are loading perfectly faster than...
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    Extremely slow index page load in my forum

    I use MyBB forum 1.6.4. I am facing a huge 20 seconds lag in loading only the index/home page of the forum. I have redirected the above link to: in the cpanel- Redirects option. When i installed it, it loaded perfectly[fast]...
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    x10 Hosting is The Best Service hosting service out there.

    I'm using your services for more than a month now. I must say that you guys are doing a great job keeping the servers alive at all times. Thanks a lot, You rock x10 Hosting team.
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    What's the username n password for Webmail?

    Is it the same as cpanel or do i have to make a new one? if i have to, then how to go about with it? Thanks.