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    Welcome Hetic! x10 is a hosting service, so you can upload files (i.e. using program like FileZilla), this means you can use it like a file store you wish. There are a suit of tools accessable from the cPanel under the Fantastico link (e.g. phpBB for forums), so it depends what you...
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

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    The right age to get married?

    Seriously, what an intersting poll, especially the options. ...I have to respect the boldness of the inferred statement that those over 40 should not even consider marrage! :biggrin: In my late twenties I can honestly say, age is not a serious consideration in marrage and if it does factor...
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    www vs. NO www

    Why? - because without the www is considered a different address then with (I encountered a problem with google and sitemaps because of missing out the www.) There's some exact reasoning down to the structure of the url and the meaing of the different parts, however my grey matter really...
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    Good domain registrar?

    xav0989 thanks for the reply. easyDNS do have excellent reviews everywhere I've looked and their .com pricing is competitive, however the only downside seems to be they are not 'accepting domain transfers' (encountered on their site when trying to add my domain). the...
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    Help with domainname please

    "Great Success!" ...classic Hi fifaleague, I encountered what sounds like the same problem when pointing .com domain at x10 webspace. It sounds like your reaching the x10 servers (so the nameserver for the domain record is correctly point at x10 ns). In your cPanel as long as you add the...
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    Good domain registrar?

    Well the domain registrar with my domains in closing down, so I’ve got to transfer them elsewhere. The only thing I need from a registrar is that handles .com and domains and will let me change the nameservers to point at x10 nameserver. The current registrar (Lycos) is trying to get...
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    Domain Transfer and IP Addresses

    Hello! I'm trying to transfer a domain from lycos to x10, I've found an option to change the DNS manager (in the lycos control panel), from reading other posts: Seem to be the name servers? although lycos' page is requesting IP Address as well. Just a...