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    Stop ACTA

    I agree this needs to be stopped.
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    6 days waiting in que, this is bull****

    I don't care if it is an automated que, if it is automated it should be faster. Within minutes on other sites(000webhost etc) your website is ready. 6 days is absolutely ridiculous. How do you expect to get paying customers when you can't provide a proper free service?
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    Stop ignoring it, 5 days not processed

    I and others are experiencing very long process times for new accounts. What gives? It has been 5 days and my account is still not set up.
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    Signed up on the 31st still pending?

    This does not show very good service. Why would I buy premium services if you can't get the free ones right?
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    Why is it taking so long to process?

    I signed up on the 31st, it is the 3rd now. Why is the free hosting taking so long to process? Other hosts I have used have done it within an hour-a day.