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    Server Moves

    So I've lost my databases. I have a wordpress install and it's now showing up the install page every time. I was based on Stoli I believe. I have prime membership. I'm assuming this can be restored?
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    some facts about earth

    Theres also one I read in a smarties book somewhere that when you add all the roads in the world together it can reach the moon and back over ninety times!
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    I have a suspension that I can't fix

    I have a suspension for high usage, I'll probably have to upgrade to prime this week but I need to shove some money in my paypal account first however, I can't currently unban myself because there is a suspension request pending even though my account has been unsuspended since. any chance...
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    Instant unsuspension not working

    Thanks very much buddy!
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    Instant unsuspension not working

    Hi, I've tried to instantly unsuspend my account and had no luck as of yet? any chance you can sort it out for me, Thanks, Timothy C Ford.
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    Premium and Emails

    Cool, then I guess all that has to be changed is the settigns on the email clients and nameserves on 1&1 would have to be changed?
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    Premium and Emails

    Hi, I'm on about upgrading to pro, 3 years with the free I.P address does this mean that I will be able to email Hotmail/yahoo/gmail as the i.p won't be blacklisted. This is an important factor in upgrading. As well as the upgraded specs. Can everything be sent across as well. I would like...
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    How many times you check your facebook account everyday?

    Far too much is the only way to put it. As others have said I'm always wired up. iPhone didn't help when I got one of them!
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    New Year

    I wandered down to the local pubs in the town for a few pints on New Years Eve and it was literally just like every other Saturday night lol. Except at twelve everyone started repeating themselves and hugging and kissing each other. They even had a massive circle of people singing the ol lang...
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    manual reset bios laptop

    I've always found it worked on my Dell and the computer I built myself. On the other hand with my Macbook Pro I've never even opened it D-: Just in case you are unsure, it looks like a larger watch battery and can sometimes be quite stiff when trying to get them out, I find using one of those...
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    Anyone elsse see the wordpress update news

    Waiting on the update now, anyone else find that they have to update plugins via FTP in order to avoid the suspension?
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    Editor for website

    Just out of interest, what is an implementation of these WYSIWYG applications. Is it something similar to programs such as dreamweaver with fewer features but dedicated to just the writing part of websites?
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Recently got Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Not got into many of the songs yet but it's just as fun as the rest of the series have been. Hand cramps are unbearable though.
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    The movies of 2010

    Toy Story 3 was a good effort, I was hoping it wouldn't ruin the fantastic films that had come before it and to be fair to Disney Pixar, as always, it was brilliant. Can't really think of many others that stood out that much, didn't really get to the cinema that often this year I don't think...
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    December Updates

    Good stuff. You guys really are great to your userbase.
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    Which is the best internet security suite?

    I don't tend to have a problem on my Mac but when I'm fixing computers for people I tend to install the latest Microsoft Security Essentials and update there defender and they don't get many problems. I was surprised that Microsoft made a free alternative to all the big companies like norton and...
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    GT5 is pretty damn good from what I've played of it so far, bit boring to start off with though. The last game that I actually bought was Goldeneye limited edition for the Wii lol. It came with this wicked cool gold controller xD
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    Welcome To X10 Hosting :D
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    Making Wordpress site

    If you know you way around code and are pretty good at image manipulation then this might help
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    x10Hosting Giveaway Official Details

    Awww man, could totally do with some extra resources, I'm being done over at the moment because lots of traffic is being driven to my Blog. Liked the facebook, followed the twitter though.