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    Free Software Suggestion

    let me hear something about the best soft watre that is free
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    New band website

    nice host you see. iam also happy with them
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    Free Software Suggestion

    lets see what you have for us
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    Ultimas actualizaciones

    esta bueno eso asere
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    website problem

    explain more on this
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    View on Refurbished Laptops

    better take care man thats so dangerous. jajajaaaa
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    Oficinas de Google en Mexico

    quien te dijo eso.. mira no valla decieendo mentira compay
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    Why my acont is suspended :(

    better visit the forum regularly man
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    Creativity in Web Design

    they seenm ok. lets hope other guys see them ok also
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    x10 forum attendance sheet

    lol your
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    see my site it is shop cart

    i can see the site man it say page can not be opened
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    is it a good one i also need it guys
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    yesi have used it and seems easer if you know html language. i am using it and i seem to have very littleproblems with it.try it
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    How to default webpage

    thats a good advice
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    How old your current computer?

    i think its now too old man
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    Valentine Day

    do u have love in u or ua preaching what u can not do pal.
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    [En el Día del Amor] Detrás de un te amo...

    quiero saber si en ti hay amor??
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    what is the worst virus you've had?

    mine just started going on and off at will and changing screen colours at will.some nasty beetle runs across the screen laughing.. damn! Edit: that other one i got used to sacn the pc its self then warn me that i had viruses .it dowloads all the family of viruses and they get to their thousands...