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    Suggestion - Backup Files to .zip

    There should be an option to back up database.
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    404 Error and nothing in the root directory

    Second time?? Is this happened before?? What about my website??
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    All my Files were deleted !!

    Same here. Is everything's really gone or this is temporary error??
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    404 Error Please help

    Looks like I'm finished. When I browsed my website I got this error "404 ErrorThe file or directory you have requested was not found on the server." I logged into my account but not a single file found in "File Manager". Is this temporary or everything's gone?? Please admin restore my website...
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    404 Error and nothing in the root directory

    Same here :((( Where is everything gone. I very tense. :( Please admin so something. Restore my uploadings...
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    Mysql server offline please help

    The MySQL® server is currently offline. What's going on. Please solve this problem immediately. Why server is down. ---------- Post added at 10:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 AM ---------- Thanks its working fine now :)