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    Cpanel a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive

    Hi, Same issue and server. Here you are the extended error info:
  2. G domain expired

    Thank you for the fast reply!! :)
  3. G domain expired

    Hi, I'm trying to enter to my free hosting page under domain, and i'm getting an error saying that the domain name expired on dec 30 2016. Is it going to be renewed? Any alternatives? Thank you!!
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    Increase disk quota

    Hi. I'm currently using 966Mb of 1Gb disk space. Can you increase the quota? I'm trying to upload an screenshot but i cannot, so i upload it to Thank you!!
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    Request for Increasing Disk Space

    H Hi. I'm am currently using 95% of the disk quota. Thank you.
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    Request for Increasing Disk Space

    Hello, Please, increase my account's disk space. Thank you!!
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    CPU resources limited

    Thank you for your fast reply. You're right, there are 7 items, but none of them hit the limit. Here you are a screenshot of the graphs - Any ideas?
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    CPU resources limited

    Hello. When I enter in "Resource Usage Overview" into cPanel11, it says that "Your site has been limited within the past 24 hours". When I go into the details the CPU usage is 0.0% in any timeframe. Do you know what the problem could it be? Thanks.
  9. G domain name expired

    Hello. I am trying to access to my website ( - shared IP:, and it appears this message: "This domain name expired on Dec 30 2013 11:08PM". Must we move our sites to another domain or is it going to be something provisional? Thank you.