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    Formmail not working after Boru update

    Hello my site's contain was deleted after the Boru update. I got a new Cpanel and transferred all my files. The site is working fine but the Formmail is not working. It was working great before. I even upgraded to the latest version of Formmail but still it is not working. Do I need to do...
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    All data lost after Boru upgrade!

    My website is showing "Server Error" since week. When I log into control panel, all my files and email accounts are gone! Please help!
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    PHP Timezone Problem after Server Migration

    I was using the timezone Asia/Calcutta in my PHP scripts for setting the timezone to india. It was working fine, but after the server upgrades this setting is displaying incorrect time. It shows time which is one hour ahead of indian standard time (GMT + 5:30). Any solutions to this?
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    Regarding REMOTE ADDR

    thanks! btw, can i use X-FORWARDED_FOR in the same way i use REMOTE_ADDR in the PHP script?
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    Regarding REMOTE ADDR

    it has not been corrected.. i have tried it just now!
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    Regarding REMOTE ADDR

    I had a PHP script on my index page of my website which stored the IP address of the vistors. Since the server upgrades, it is showing all IPs as the IP address of the Boru server, not of the vistors. The PHP script uses REMOTE ADDR to obtain the IP address. What could be the reason for this?
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    Addon Domain problem after Boru update

    My configured addon domain ( got deleted on itself after the Boru update. Now I can not add it again since it says that the domain is already configured. What can be done?
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    Review My Portfolio

    its great!
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    Check out my website!!!!

    good work angela!
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    MySQL and MS Access

    is it due to restrictions in free hosting account or it is technically not possible?
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    MySQL and MS Access

    Can I connect to a MySQL database on a free xhosting account using MS Access?
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    Deletion of CGI bin by Front Page

    Thanks descalzo!
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    Deletion of CGI bin by Front Page

    oic.. is there a way i can restore my cgi-bin?
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    Deletion of CGI bin by Front Page

    I used Front Page to upload my webpages. I had a CGI bin before, but now its not there! Is it by using FrontPage?