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    band website

    I agree with Leviathon. The music is excellent!
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    Your food is poisoned - must read

    I actually agree with what Evolutioncult is saying. I believe that even our water is "treated" to some extent. Not just to remove the germs but to create a docile civilization. Fact? No. Possibility and motive? Yes. And it isn't done all at once. It is contaminated drop by drop so that you don't...
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    My Website in flash

    Ya, I get an error message when I try to check it out also.
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    Coops Photography Site - Critique please!

    I had a look at your site and I am really impressed with your photos. They show a passion for photography (and life in general)! Great job! I also made a note of the type of camera equipment you are using because I want to get into professional photography. :)
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    FREE Vectors

    Thanks for the information on the site for vector art!!!
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    Galactic Command

    Very cool site!! And I LOVE the name :)
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    can anybody help me to find a best softwear for logo making

    Thanks for the info on logo creating programs . . . in all my twenty some years in graphic design, I have used CorelDraw to start with and then bring it into Photoshop for special effects. I do plan to check out the websites of the three logo creating programs that was provided by energeeuk. Thanks
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    Photoshop/Illustrator Help

    Thanks Leviathon! That helps me too!!!
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    My first two websites

    Love the photography shots!!! Great angles!
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    Does this suck?

    I had a look at your site . . . my favorite was "confusion"
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    What do you think?

    Great website!!!!
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    Increased use of Flyers in direct marketing

    I agree. I am a long time graphic designer (started before computers were used) and I have been designing flyers forever, it seems. One addition I want to make regarding the primary motto of designers should not only be the satisfaction of the client, but the effectiveness of the design. If the...
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    Drupal experts

    Hey Whizynix, I like your logo!!!
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    My new Design

    I clicked the links to have a look at your cover page and content page but they took FOREVER to load, so I ixnayed them. You probably want to reduce the file size if you want busy people to take the time to look at them.
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    My first flash site!!!

    What a great website!!! Very professional and creative!! It captured my attention and made me want to look at more. Great job!!!!
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    How's my website?

    Great website! Great portfolio! I agree with the fact that the pages took a long time to load which might hinder the viewer length of stay on your site. I also think you should enlarge your logo in the top left corner. It should be more visible. Great work!!!
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    Take a look at my Online profile

    Had a look at your site . . . can you add more graphics? It seems to be missing visuals, otherwise, very informative and friendly!
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    New Design for My Blog

    Very nice design! Kind of reminds me of the drapes at the front of a movie theater. I agree with Somegood above about the font for your name. I would also increase the size so that it stands out more. Thanks for sharing your work and allowing us to voice our opinions . . .
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    Hair Crazy, Or Hair Brain

    Very cool pictures but what exactly did you do to them? Close crop them? If yes, great job on the hair, dude! I was trying to close crop feathers the other day. Impossible!!!
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    That is pretty cool!! Let us know when you have the site finished so we can visit it then too!