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    Tables getting rolled back in database

    I have a minor problem where every once in a while some of my tables get rolled back. Any idea on why this might be happening?
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    Php mail function not working

    I was just experimenting a bit, because I am new to this php stuff. Sorry. It won't happen again. It was foolish on my part Edit: My friends and I, for a computer programming class, set up an pizza ordering website. Eventually,every Friday, about 50 or so people will be ordering from it. When...
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    Php mail function not working

    I know that there are probably a million threads on this already.... I have googled this for a day, and have come up dry. I used to be able to use the mail function in php, no problem. But a while back, it completely stopped working I became a rebel, and created another x10 account, and tried...