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    Project Wonderful? Anybody used this? I used to see all the webcomics I read using it. They seemed to like it well enough - anyone here tried it? Is it good?
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    Hello! I'm back - I kind of forgot I had a website after getting a new job and stuff, but now I have some free time again! Anyway, you'll probably see me around a bit more now. My name's Keshia and my site is a sketchblog. I aspire to be an animator when I (*cough*don't*cough*) grow up. ^^
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    Some Of My Work

    Very nice work - the third one is particularly neat.
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    'Lo there

    Heya. I'm new 'round here - just signed up yesterday. I plan to use my site as a portfolio, and possibly a home for an animated web series. I'm a 20 year old student from Canada. I'm all about art, specifically cartooning, though I'm learning all kinds of media at the moment. I'll be honest...