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    accout terminated?

    Most likely it was, i have been inactive for a loong time. Lost the internet for a while.. but im back and the net is stable again, so is there any way i can regain an account and hosting capabilities?
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    [REQ][40 credits] Put my link in your signature

    done, inserted.
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    [REQ][60 Credits]Put my banner in your sig

    inserted :)
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    [REQ][15 Credits]Put a link in your sig

    k, added.
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    [REQ][50 Credits]Put my Advertisement in your Sig for Credits

    k it should be working now, dunno why it didnt show up the first time. just got it in.
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    [off][100 credits]Promote my new free wordpress themes

    putting it in my sig? :D.
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    New PTC site

    A friend of mine recently launched his PTC site, so i know 100% he will be paying people. Its set up pretty good, not a huge amount of ads since it was just recently launched but there are some every day. check it out: Ref link =...
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    Unused VB license

    Well hopefully asking if anyone has an unused Vbulletin license isn't against any rules/policies but at the moment i cannot afford one and would like to start a gaming community running VB if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it.
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    Xfire group/clan for x10

    I saw the Steam gaming group that was started up in a previous thread, and thought maybe we should make an xfire clan/group for x10 for the users who don't have steam. So i decided to post this up along with a poll on your opinions. If you need any info about the xfire clan/group post here il...
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    Need help!

    Hi, I just recently started up with x10 and installed joomla along with fireboard. Is there anyone who would be willing to help me out a bit with the control panel for joomla as well as the forums for fireboard :/ . I could do it in exchange to put up your banner ad or something or if u wanna do...
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    nvidia or ATI

    2 of the top ghraphics card makers who do u think is better?
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    Xfire or MSN

    Two of my favorite IM's, which do you guys think is better? MSN is reliable and easy to use, while xfire can be used in game and has a ton of cool features.
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    Well im new to x10 and so far its great. I initially found x10 in a search for a forum to run VB either with someone or reselling of a license( if its aloud? ) I am trying to set up a huge gaming community to support many game titles as well as game genres. The last community i was involved in...