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  1. cky2k1016

    Web Stats

    The web stats in Cpanel are no longere there. Can they be put back? They are very useful and I check them almost everyday. Thanks! P.S. Awstats are the best =)
  2. cky2k1016


    Is it just me or is everybody's fantastico button gone? When will it be back?
  3. cky2k1016

    My account

    I have a form script installed. Can you tell me how to put ads in it? Thanks Here is the link.
  4. cky2k1016

    Ghost Orbs

    Here is a video I filmed of my friend playing the guitar. Out of nowhere there was ghost orbs. This is not edited or a joke. There was no laser pointer, prism, watch, or a disco ball =). There was nothing like that. Also, I could only see it through the camera. I even tried after that to...
  5. cky2k1016

    Magic Videos

    Here are a ton of magic videos all performed by me. Tell me your favorite one and tell me what you think. Thanks.
  6. cky2k1016


    How do I put ads on cubecart?
  7. cky2k1016

    uploading video

    hey i was w0ondering how to stream videlo and upload it for download..thjanks..btw its not copyright video..
  8. cky2k1016

    registering a domain

    hey..i am wondering if i use dns like say simple dns that program can i use it to register a domain..i know u can register it for domains but u need an if ur using abyss u got an ip for ur web server..can anyone help me out..thanks.