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  1. grgarside

    root taken htaccess

    Thanks for your amazingly quick help! :biggrin: How can I stop it from happening again?
  2. grgarside

    root taken htaccess

    A while ago this (forum link) happened. Now it's happened again. :frown: Please can someone give my permissions back! Thanks.
  3. grgarside

    htaccess error when adding redirect

    Thanks very much. I can't thank you enough. Now going to press that reputation button... (PS: I've only just has the over-resource warning - this thread was started in November. How can the two be related?)
  4. grgarside

    htaccess error when adding redirect

    Can't edit, can't change permissions, can't delete and reupload, can't rename.
  5. grgarside

    htaccess error when adding redirect

    (BUMP) Please can someone help! I've been waiting ages and literally no-one else has posted anything like this (that I could find). I really need my .htaccess working! By the way, I can't change the file manually from cPanel file manager or by FTP. I'm completely locked out of the file.
  6. grgarside

    htaccess error when adding redirect

    They are.
  7. grgarside

    htaccess error when adding redirect

    How would I do that?
  8. grgarside

    htaccess error when adding redirect

    Since today, when I try to add a redirect between two parts of my website using the redirects panel in cPanel, I get this error: Unable to write to .htaccess: /home/ggarside/public_html/.htaccess I have created many redirects before and they all work perfectly. Please could someone tell me...
  9. grgarside

    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

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  10. grgarside

    The Ctrl+V game

    N6HG9M what? yeah, I don't know as well...
  11. grgarside

    Community Helpers vs Normal Members

    -3 c'mon normal members whoops sorry my adblocker had blocked the page number scroller thingy -59
  12. grgarside

    Would you rather game ??

    I'd rather not have friends than not have family. I love my family. Would you rather: Buy Adobe CS4 :frown: or Pay more for Adobe CS5 :smile:
  13. grgarside

    MySQL not working

    I have also checked in cPanel, and all of my MySQL Databases show as 0.00 MB. However, and all work fine. It's just my blog database that seems to be malfunctioning.
  14. grgarside

    MySQL not working

    When trying to access, I get this message: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time...
  15. grgarside

    Could someone read my support request, please?

    Hello. Could someone please answer my support request? I thought that because it had been escalated, that it was a big problem and would have got solved. ticket id: GCZ-551525 Thanks. George Garside.
  16. grgarside

    I still can't get into CPANEL

    I thought that the updates and stuff were complete now. Anyway, I still can't log into cPanel. It just says Login Attempt Failed. I havn't been able to since about 2 months ago now. What's going on?
  17. grgarside

    I can't log in to CPANEL

    Hello. Since about 5 weeks ago, I can't log in to CPANEL. It just says Login Attempt Failed. I've tried changing my password. I've tried clicking on the Go to CPANEL in the hosting admin area. It's really annoying. What's happening? I'm just about ready to close my account and go...
  18. grgarside

    Cannot log in to CPANEL -- Chopin server?

    CPANEL is down for me too, and has been for the past 2 weeks and a bit. My FTP's been down for about a month now. Have a look at this: