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  1. the_king_dollars

    Regarding the TOS...

    This might be in another thread. Sorry if I double threaded (Posted on a topic which was already present). Anyway, in the TOS (Terms of Service), it says you can't stream music. Are you talking about audio files in general, all music or only copyrighted ones? Also, can I stream uncopyrighted...
  2. the_king_dollars

    [REQ] Website Design

    I need a design to use with Joomla! instead of the default one. Basically it is an entertainment site. My web site's name is Diamonds Group, so please make the layout look like it is and represent it. As for the cash, I'm willing to pay in x10 points. And you specify the amount. Email me at...
  3. the_king_dollars

    How can I install ionCube?

    I installed a Joomla! extension which requires ionCube Loader. (If you didn't know, it is a php encoding program, and this is the loader.) How do I install it? And if it is already installed, how do I enable it?
  4. the_king_dollars

    How to use python?

    Can you tell me how to actually use python scripts? Please if you know tell me step by step. Thank you.
  5. the_king_dollars

    Please rate my site and give me ideas

    Please go to and go through all possible links and tell me your rating of my site. If you can add to your rating these things: (Report them to me also) Whether the ads are visible on all pages or not (I'm using Corporate Plan) All broken links that you...
  6. the_king_dollars

    Problems with site

    I have a problem with my site. In some times it tells me "A Bad Gateway" with this message: Another error is with the installation of TYPO3 in domain . It is an "Internal Server Error" as it says and it informs me that: Third problem, maybe not with the site, I can't...
  7. the_king_dollars

    Details for SQLyog

    As my phpMyAdmin doesn't work. I want to use SQLyog. But I don't know the details. So can you please tell me what to input for the details? Here is what I need: P.S. For the host, don't just tell me "localhost", I'm using the software directly from a computer. (Not using a webserver.)
  8. the_king_dollars

    Problem with ads in SMF

    I have inserted X10 ads to my SMF forums. It works successfully. But the only major problem is that, the ads don't appear if someone is not logged in. The ads are only visible when someone views the forums as a registered member. Visit it at: In case it does view up just tell me. And if it...
  9. the_king_dollars

    Adding ads to MediaWiki (Or WikiMedia)

    How could I add adverts to the Wiki software MediaWiki?
  10. the_king_dollars

    Problem with phpMyAdmin

    When I try to access phpMyAdmin, it says: What is the problem? -- If you need it here is my account details:
  11. the_king_dollars

    Executing SQL Syntax

    How can I execute SQL files such as .sql?
  12. the_king_dollars

    Your Forum Software

    If you have a forum, choose the one you use. If you have more than one, choose the one you use more often. And if you don't currently have a forum, choose the one that you will most likely going to use. I currently use SMF (Simple Machines Forums).
  13. the_king_dollars

    How to use Webmail?

    When I access the built-in webmail Horde, it tells me this: And some kind of error that looks like this: So what's wrong? Also, another question. Can I use another webmail program? If I can, what do I input for the server settings? (like SMTP, IMAP, etc.)
  14. the_king_dollars

    Adding ads to iGaming CMS?

    How can you add adverts to iGaming CMS? (Just in case you didn't know, the url to the developer's site is )
  15. the_king_dollars

    Adding ads to Joomla!... (and other CMS)

    How can I add adverts to the Joomla! Content Management System?
  16. the_king_dollars

    How do I install gd libs?

    I had started this thread about three days ago, But I didn't find it. So if it is still there, sorry for posting another thread on the same topic. Anyway, how do you go about installing gd libs and other libraries?
  17. the_king_dollars

    Need help!

    There are some scripts that require libs (or libraries) like gd. How do I install them?
  18. the_king_dollars

    A site arcade

    My site's arcade I'm trying to find an ideal arcade program to put in my site. If you know a free one please tell me. Also, if you know of a template suitable for arcade sites please send it to me. I would really appreciate it. But please send me ones that work with Frontpage and don't require...
  19. the_king_dollars

    Email Provider

    This might be in another thread. But I didin't find it. So please answer the poll.
  20. the_king_dollars

    Regarding the "x10 commandments"

    I know that there might be another thread of the same topic, but I have found none. I tried to use the official thread but it is locked. Anyhow, in number 4, it states that you must access the forums at least once every two weeks, or yor account will be inactive. What if some one travels or...